sisters in bean town

early on monday, saydi and i headed into the city for some sister boston time. it was the most splendid morning. we ate breakfast at our fave, paramount on beacon hill. holy moley i love beacon hill. we walked through the public gardens to newbury street and cut in to copley square, and then spent some time exploring bits of the boston public library we’d never seen. we took silly iphone self-timer photos and pictures of us reflected in the copley glass with trinity church. we moseyed along newbury street and spent some time swooning in anthropologie, and we bought matching hair clips.

the weather was lovely and my love for bean town was awakened and jubilant.

there’s nothing like a sister-friend.

IMG_2111 IMG_2112


IMG_2118 IMG_2119IMG_2120 IMG_2121IMG_2122


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  2. I've totally in Boston for the last two weeks! Do you know that I love it with all my might, mind, heart, and strength? Cus I do. I know precisely where you are in these pictures and I love that too. Looks like you're having fun! Yes, sister friends are indubitably essential.

  3. You're beautiful.

  4. I'm so jealous of you, it looks like so much fun! I was in Boston over the summer and just adored it there. I recognize most of the places your pictures are at! I hope you had fun, Boston is the greatest place!


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