throwback thursday

last weekend i had a goal to take an hour or so to organize pictures on my hard drive. of course i spent much more time than that looking at old photos and reminiscing and thinking about how quickly time passes and how rich the human experience is. it’s crazy to think about what has changed and what has stayed the same, what is remembered, what is forgotten.

ten pictures from ten springs gone by…

highschool1 320
^^10 years ago: east high dance concert^^
highschool1 287
^^9 years ago: east high spirit week^^
swellesley 357
^^8 years ago: new friends at a fancy wellesley community dinner^^
art in bloom 015
^^7 years ago: appreciating the tulips in boston’s public garden^^
^^6 years ago: in san marco piazza in venice during my post-study-abroad eurotrip^^
^^5 years ago: training a new missionary in the england’s green and pleasant land^^
^^4 years ago: continuing to see miracles everyday as a missionary^^
^^3 years ago: cruising provo canyon in the back of dani’s truck with best friends/roommates^^
Pledge Class-18
^^2 years ago: having fallen madly in love with san francisco^^
^^last year: at hong kong’s victoria peak with my all-time best friend^^

i am blessed. and i really believe that the best is truly yet to come.


  1. There should be more pics of me than randomly being with you at Wellesley, but this is still awesome!

  2. Oh my! How could all those years be gone? I remember each on (except the ones I haven't seen) as though it happened yesterday. Love the light in your face....every year!


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