kaua’i 1

we both fell in love with the garden isle. best of hawaii, we think. in our first twenty four hours or so, we flew in, drove to the north end, saw the beach at hanaeli bay in the last light of day, shared fresh fish on a sparkly-lighted restaurant patio, settled into such a fantastic little air bnb place, attended church in the town of hanalei, and hiked the kalalau trail along the na pali coast. so spectacular.

^^ the view from the “aloha loft” where we stayed. ^^
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  1. Breathtaking. Hawaii is magical.

  2. Gorgeous views.
    Thanks for sharing this fun adventure with us!

  3. The Napali coast is maybe the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life. I love Kauai and cannot wait to go back someday

  4. Looks beautiful, glad y'all had a lovely time.

  5. Positively picture perfect. What beauty!

  6. That place is stunning! I've only bee to Oahu but I think my next Hawaii trip needs to be to Kauai!


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