new york with my lover

i have always wanted to be in new york city with my lover, and this week that dream came true! lover + brothers and their wives and daughters = even better!

we got to manhattan just as the sun was setting on monday. we had a great reunion with my brother tal and then my  sister-in-law anita and niece annina (it was particularly exciting to see those two because they couldn’t come to our wedding). then, the boy and i decided to head downtown and walk the brooklyn bridge (i could do it a hundred times and never get sick of it – day or night!)


we brought some pizza to the upper west side to my other brother eli’s apartment. the next morning all of us met at the ice rink in central park and had a little birthday party for baby zara, who turned two!

IMG_3387Zara's Bday-1Zara's Bday-5

both of those sweet little girls attempted skating for the first time, and we all loved gliding along surrounded in the big apple. after, eli/julie/zara took the boy and i to the food court in the basement of the plaza hotel, which was super cool! they had everything from hand-rolled sushi to flame-torch-created s’mores.

IMG_3389 IMG_3398IMG_3392 IMG_3395

eli, julie, zara and i then took the subway down to washington square (8th street) and walked all the way from there back to 59th street! along the way we saw the last of the christmas tree displays, the flatiron building, the amazing windows at lord and taylor, views of the empire state and chrysler buildings, and of course the rockefeller tree, where we met up with the boy.

IMG_3402 Zara's Bday-9IMG_3412 IMG_3421IMG_3430 IMG_3424IMG_3429 IMG_8018

a few more city scenes, festive lights and amazing window displays and then we headed back up to the upper west and met tal for dinner and great conversation.

IMG_3432 IMG_3435IMG_3437 IMG_3443

early the next morning we were boarding a bus to boston! 36 hours in new york city with my lover (and a few other people i love so dang much!)!


  1. Absolutely awesome pictures! Thanks for keeping us in the loop! Great to see Zara on her birthday AND to see all you lucky ducks there together in a city we all love! Happy New Year!

  2. Wow! Small world...I was reading your blog from Gilbert, Az and what do I see but the "red" window from Bergdorf's Goodmans. It is a very special window for my family because my sister-in-law stitched four pictures for that window. One of them, Jane Austin is right there in the lower left hand corner of the picture. She lives in Florida and because she is wheelchair bound she was unable to go to NYC to see the finished product so my husband and I went in her place. It was so exciting for us since it was such a popular window as there were crowds around it every time we looked. We are immensely proud of her and I'm so glad you enjoyed it too!

  3. Thanks for sharing your adventures. I have never been to New York, or back East, and I love being able to "see the world" through all you share. I love lights, and I love the pictures of you two on the Brooklyn Bridge. I'm glad your wish came true!


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