resolutions kept and made

two thousand fifteen!
it's going to be a really good year. my heart and bones are telling me that exciting things are ahead!

i am super happy to report that i very concretely kept a new years resolution in two thousand fourteen. i exercised for at least thirty minutes every single day! i did not miss one day the entire year - not my wedding day, or christmas, or sick days. (yes, i'm pretty proud of myself.) in the last minutes before midnight on december 31, i was planking :)

i like the idea of daily habits as a yearly goal. this year i want to write in my journal every single day. even if it's just a few lines, i feel like writing really helps to keep my head on straight.

other resolutions i'm trying to implement include: practicing more mindful eating, being more easy, making my prayers more meaningful, expressing love and appreciation on birthdays, being crazy productive in how i use my time at home and at work and at play, and reading books again.

isn't a fresh new year the best? full of fresh new weeks and fresh new days.
{image via paperless post}


  1. What is "being more easy"?

  2. I'm hoping for a 2015 baby for you! :-)

  3. Being easy could lead towards a baby in 2015...

    Sorry Charity, I know that it wasn't meant that way, but I thought the pun too funny...
    I like your resolutions!

  4. I like the journal writing resolution. I think that will be one of mine too!

  5. Maybe add crediting borrowed art sources to your list... :(

    1. thank you sincerely for the reminder! i've added a link.


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