our newlywed nest

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we really love our little tiny home, and we are so sad to leave it! it was an adventure finding housing in palo alto, but we totally scored with this place that is in a great location and managed by an incredible landlord and is quite affordable (at least compared to other rent prices in the area!). it’s certainly nothing fancy – basically a cinderblocky room connected to a nice super small kitchen, with a slightly crumbly teeny bathroom on the side. we’ve had to get real creative with very limited space and even five months later we still have some bare walls and unfulfilled plans to decorate and spruce up. but we’ve made a lot of memories here in the short time we’ve called it home, and we’ll always cherish it as our first home together.

before we started packing up our stuff, i made sure to snap a few photos so we can always remember this place.

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<—i can’t believe it, but i am going to miss that bathroom!

we have awesome neighbors, a park two houses down, tennis courts across the street, and a four minute bike ride to stanford campus. (more on our neighborhood coming up next)

when we have guests over, we usually either move our kitchen table out to the little patio area outside our front door, where we strung the bistro lights from our wedding (see here) or bring a blanket and a picnic to the park.

one of my best memories will always be the christmastime we basically slept under the christmas tree every night, since it filled up one corner of our little bedroom. we left the twinkle lights on all night every night!

we talked long before we got married about getting a pretty couch in the homes we share. i love love love our navy, velvety, tufted couch.

when we got home from our wedding, the boy picked me up and carried me inside our little home. it was one of the sweetest nights ever. we were so excited to finally be roommates. IMG_4408IMG_4452IMG_4416 IMG_4451IMG_4421IMG_4409

thanks for being a good home, little newlywed nest!


  1. What an adorable love nest! It looks so welcoming! Love your style! May your next home be blessed with lots of memories and love too!

  2. Right now, I am coveting your dishwasher....only because I have a sink full of dishes staring me in the face.

  3. A beautiful little apartment.
    I guess the first apartment you share with your spouse will always be one of the best memories ever.

    Even the images of loud neighbors, grumpy janitors and teenagers who vomit in your hall will soften over the years (at least that's what I hope ;))

  4. Aww we had the same ikea table and chairs in our first (and second) apartments and finally "upgraded" after 10 years of marriage, 3 kids, and two cross country moves. :)

    Your apartment is adorable! Thanks for sharing and bringing back fond and funny memories of my own crazy newlywed place.

  5. First apartments/houses are forever held in our hearts I think. Like you say, so many sweet memories of the first space shared as a married couple. Ours was in San Francisco. A teeny little apartment but everything we needed. Then a first house there in the city too. Oh I love that place and many years later when we went back with our kids I knocked on the door and the couple graciously invited us in. My kids were in awe that we lived there with two kids in such a small yet happy home. So glad you got lots of pictures! Best to you with all that is ahead. You two are awesome!

  6. Awesome! We had a tiny apartment too when we were first married and every time I drive past it I get all mushy (and I wish I had taken pictures like this!!). One lesson I learned there, and that I try to keep with me even as we have moved to a bit bigger place with our five littles, is that smaller spaces and less stuff leads to more real life living!! Happy new adventures to you!

  7. Our first home was magical! We lucked out and got a tip from friends who decided it was too small for them. It was a couple blocks off campus and tucked away behind several other houses, just a few feet away from a canal. It was a tiny little one room schoolhouse that had been moved to that spot and turned into a one bedroom house. You could still see where the desks had been nailed into the wood floors! I am pretty sure I have been in some RV bathrooms that were bigger than our bathroom--we joked that you could shower, use the toilet, and brush your teeth at the same time. But there were twinkly white lights strung all around the exterior, and if we opened a window we could hear the water rushing by. Dreamy! We love to show our kids the "honeymoon cottage" when we visit Logan. You were so smart to take lots of pictures! I wish I had more of our first place.

  8. You'll love having this recorded! Wish we had pictures of our first apartment. I can' hardly remember it now! Pictures bring back so many memories!


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