the cape of good hope

it’s a pretty sensational spot at what feels like the end of the earth. total natural splendor. we loved it.
we hiked up to the most spectacular viewpoint. i couldn’t stop looking down the cliffs at the moss and the surging sea!

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it was pretty hysterical trying to get a photo in front of the cape of good hope sign. there were hundreds of tourists coming in on buses by the minute. we were laughing so hard watching people trying to arrange the perfect photo op amidst the crowds. the boy got one tour group to raise their champagne glasses (i guess that’s a thing to have at the cape of good hope) and cheer for their photo. i think you had to be there, but this is one thing we look back at on our trip and have a real hearty laugh about.


the cape of good hope is actually not the southern tip of africa, as is commonly misconceived. it was once believed to be the dividing point between the atlantic and pacific ocean, but that is actually cape alguhas (where we went the next day!). however, the cape of good hope is the point where a ship traveling down the western side of the african coastline begins to travel more eastward than southward, and it was therefore a milestone when the first explorer rounded it. 

indeed, the cape of good hope isn’t even the southernmost tip of the cape penninsula – it’s a little outcropping on the west side. the very tip of the cape penninsula is called cape point and we drove down there and walked up to the lighthouse just as the air was getting sunsetty. it was so beautiful all around!


we were hoping to catch sunset on our drive back up to cape town and were a bit sad when we drove right into fog. but! the fog suddenly cleared after a few minutes and then an outrageous sunset unfolded, getting better by the minute. i couldn’t narrow down the pictures any further!


and then i took a really blurry picture of this charming little seaside town, glowing under the darkening but still a little ruddy sky:


that sunset drive was really, really magical.
the cape really showed off for us! made for an incredible sunday.