completely enchanted by cotococha amazon lodge


bungalows along the river bank surrounded in lush jungle. screens for windows, porch hammocks and chairs, super comfortable rooms and bathrooms. exquisite food and gorgeous grounds. fun and informative excursions into the amazon rainforest. ecofriendly practices that lead to romantic lantern-lit evenings. dreeeeeeamy, right? cotococha amazon lodge is dreamy.

when we arrived at cotococha, in the dark of night after a super late bus ride, we were welcomed with the most sublime (super fresh and super delicious food!), candlelit dinner. we immediately suspected we were going to love this place. all suspicions were confirmed. {see my previous post about our napo river excursion, which was part of the package of our stay at the lodge!}

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^^ i mean, dessert shaped like a butterfly. that got me hook, line and sinker! ^^IMG_1352
^^ amazing nature walks right on the lodge property ^^
IMG_1370 IMG_1374IMG_1378
^^ perfect spot for a jungle swim: in cotococha’s pristine pool! ^^
IMG_1381 IMG_1382IMG_1582 IMG_1584
^^ perfect comfort and serenity in our bungalow. ^^
^^ every meal was a masterpiece. and so fresh and yummy! ^^
IMG_1592 IMG_1347
^^ delightful breakfasts with multiple courses! i especially loved that freshly baked bread and the fresh squeezed juices! ^^
^^ really lovely communal space. one night after dinner, we had a chocolate making demonstration here! cotococha staff showed us how the indigenous people of the amazon have been making chocolate for hundreds of years. very cool (and really delicious!) ^^
^^ a perfect little reading nook on the second floor of the communal space…surrounded in jungle! ^^
IMG_1597IMG_1600 IMG_1606IMG_1602IMG_1603

i think my favourite thing about cotococha was that each evening when we returned along candlelit paths to our cabana, there were two lit lanterns waiting for us on the steps. it was just so magical to spend time in that jungle bungalow softly lit by our lanterns with the sounds of the rainforest all around us.

it is a truly enchanting place to get a taste of amazon magic.
{this post is written in partnership with cotococha amazon lodge. our opinions are our own. our stay really was that dreamy.}

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