he is here

the other day i was teaching a lesson with the sister missionaries here in london, and they showed this video. i was surprised by how overcome i was as i sat and watched these images and read these words...i had tears streaming down my face. it was such a good reminder of the power, hope, healing, love and real joy that comes from the saviour jesus christ. i really, really, really believe in him. watching this video helped me to feel heavy peace that lifted worries and fear in my heart. so i feel compelled to share it.

life is such a wild, difficult, beautiful trip. i know that because jesus christ lives, all will be made right eventually, and in the meantime we can find true joy. 


  1. Thank you Charity. I needed that reminder this morning.

  2. I just love this. It is always a good time to remember the love the Savior has for us.
    Thanks for sharing this. LA in WA

  3. i have really been struggling with my faith lately. i just haven't been able to feel connected at allll. thank you for posting this! it was a nice reminder that whether or not i can feel him, jesus is beside me!