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during our time in buenos aires, we stayed at the own grand palermo soho hotel. by the time we got to buenos aires, we had been traveling for over two months, and we were pretty exhausted. the complete comfort and exemplary service at own palermo soho was so good for our travel-worn bodies and spirits!

this hotel is part of a network of hotels in buenos aires (and soon branching out to montevideo). we were lucky enough to stay at one and visit two other own hotels. we were so impressed with the modern sleek design, the balanced amenities, and the amazing service from staff in all three instances. we also thoroughly enjoyed the little extras (read about them below) included with each room. own hotels are located in palermo, which is a super vibrant and fun part of the city. when you find yourself in buenos aires, make sure you stay at an own hotel!

below are some pictures from our stay at own grand palermo soho, our visit to own palermo hollywood and our stop in at pop, own’s budget hotel.

own grand palermo soho ---

IMG_1158 IMG_1222IMG_1118IMG_1122 IMG_1152
^^ each night, staff left us each a fresh water bottle and a dulche de leche treat, along with a weather report for the next day! i thought that was the greatest touch! i also love the funky, colorful halls at the grand palermo soho. ^^
^^ that vertical garden in the lobby is exquisite! works perfectly with the bright red theme throughout the hotel, i say! ^^
IMG_1127 IMG_1129
^^ delicious breakfast that came with our room, and such a lovely spot to eat and start out each new day! ^^
^^ there’s also this fantastic outdoor space to eat and hang out in, when it’s a bit warmer outside! :) ^^
IMG_1133IMG_1135 IMG_1138IMG_1145IMG_1140
^^ view of the outdoor space from above! ^^
^^ and red flip flops for each guest – i love that! ^^

the own grand also has a rooftop pool and hot tub as well as a great little gym space for working out. it was too cold for us to take a dip in the pool, but we enjoyed an evening in the hot tub and a couple of mornings in the gym!

own palermo hollywood ---

IMG_1178 IMG_1179IMG_1174
^^ from the minute you walk in the lobby, own palermo hollywood feels colorful, comfortable, cheerful! ^^
^^ the balcony space at all three hotels is so nice! ^^
^^ some street art snaps to give you an idea of the palermo neighborhood. it’s perfectly gritty and leafy and trendy. ^^

pop hotel ---

^^ and at pop, from the very entryway the space feels so fun! ^^
IMG_1218IMG_1188 IMG_1189IMG_1194 IMG_1208
^^ i think this is so nice for a budget hotel! all the necessities with a little flair but nothing fancy! ^^
IMG_1204IMG_1201 IMG_1202
^^ there isn’t breakfast space at pop hotel, but guests can request hot crossoints delivered to their bedrooms in the morning! that almost sounds better than a breakfast buffet! and ^^ here’s a neat little library alcove on one of the floors – guests can take and leave books as the please. ^^

own hotels are stylish, super clean and comfortable, in excellent locations, affordable (especially pop), and absolutely delightful to stay in.

{this post is written in partnership with own hotels. all opinions are certainly our own!}

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  1. I love all the red in the hotels, it makes them look so cosy.

    I can't stand dark colours, so this would be wonderful for me.:)