moses’s first halloween!


for his first halloween, our little moses dressed up as his namesake!
that staff (aka stick i found in the park…) totally turns into a snake and can part the red sea :)

i was seriously so giddy as i was putting moses’s costume together and then dressing him up.
this is just the very beginning of lots of halloween fun to come in the wright family!

ian’s parents were in town with us on halloween, so we had a little party with grandma and grandpa that evening after ian got home from work. we had fish n chips for dinner and then carved pumpkins together while listening to thiller and monster mash. grandma brought moses this darling little paper painted pumpkin, stuffed with some candy from america!

IMG_2011 IMG_2014

a few more photos of moses in costume… he hated wearing that knit beard (which our sweet friend made for us!) but endured long enough to snap a few photos :)

IMG_6155 IMG_6194 2

when the beard came off (sigh of relief!), moses got really interested in his stone tablets!

IMG_6188 IMG_6190

ian and i carved one pumpkin, and grandma and grandpa carved the other.
we didn’t have any candles so we improvised by putting an iphone and a mini flashlight inside.


it was a fun evening at home and i think moses quite enjoyed his first halloween.
{i’m sad i didn’t snap a photo of us all together!}
i’m already excited for next year, when mo will understand a bit more what is going on :) and we can go trick or treating! ian and i need to step up our own costume game too – i love dressing up on halloween but haven’t the past few years!

IMG_6210 IMG_6176
^^ some outtakes: 1) moses spitting up on our pumpkin (can you tell that it’s the kissy face emoji?!), and 2) moses pleading with passion: “leeeet my people goooo!” (i.e. hating the scratchy yarn on his face haha!) ^^

happy halloween, indeed!


  1. That costume is HYSTERICAL ; )

  2. He is so adorable!! I just love his sweet smile. Thanks for sharing such sweet photos. Random question-has your Fawn design diaper bag ever gotten wet while you were out and about? If so, how did it hold up? I'm eyeing one for myself, but I don't know anyone who has one who I would be able to ask this silly question! Thank you!

  3. That costume might just be the best I have seen in years! I LOVE it, and your baby is absolutely delicious. I love that stage when they stop looking like a new born and are just so perfectly soft and round and...oh, just delicious. What a fantastic share!

  4. Moses looks so cute in his Halloween costume.x

    It's lovely that Ian's Mum & Dad were here to share this with you - & enjoy fish 'n chips as well.:)

    On Monday night I kept wondering how you'd dress Moses. Thank you for sharing the pix with us.

  5. Cutest Halloween costume EVER!!! Thoroughly enjoyed seeing him dressed as his namesake.

  6. I love Mo's Halloween costume!! And his hair is being so...cooperative! I miss the ginger craziness of his first months, but I'm sure it will return. He is so darling.


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