on the golden beach in portugal

IMG 9741

we spent a long weekend in the algarve region of portugal. this trip included some misadventures and some sickness, but also lots of sun and sand and stunning beauty.

IMG 7028 IMG 7031
^^ i couldn't love these selfies more if i tried. ^^
IMG 9744IMG 9750
^^ gotta love it when the stranger you ask to snap a photo covers up the spectacular background with your bodies ;) and the photo captures some funny faces on the kids! ^^
IMG 9765 IMG 9768

on our first evening in portugal - after a bit of exploring and splashing at praia da marinha (^^) - we experienced a truly magical sunsetty hour at the beach just down the path from our airbnb. it was one of those perfect slices of life that's just glowing with goodness and simple joy. moses was freaking out excited about everything (as you can tell by these photos!), exuberantly saying "beaaaaach!" and throwing his arms in the air over and over. little gabriel was as smiley as can be. and ian and i were glad.

IMG 9780
IMG 9790 IMG 9819IMG 9837
IMG 9827 IMG 9835IMG 9848IMG 9857IMG 9864IMG 9869
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^^ another pretty failed attempt at a family photo taken by a stranger ;) ^^

the algarve is amazing!

IMG 9875


  1. Gabriel has changed sooo much! His stunning eyes have gotten even bigger! So sorry about the sickness. Hugs to all!


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