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showered, again

last saturday, some of the best girls in the bay threw me a bridal shower at katie's new building's seventh floor terrace overlooking the bay bridge. i certainly missed many of my beautiful san francisco and palo alto friends, but it was such a lovely little celebration. 

i do think it's pretty weird that i get parties and presents, just because someone gave me an engagement ring, but it is so fun to share and celebrate love with friends. it was pretty neat to be with friends from the both the city and the suburbs; from college, work and childhood that clear and pretty saturday.


my oldest friend

miffy and i met each other within days after we were born - our moms were so excited when their baby girls arrived on the very same day. and the two of us june 12 babies have been friends ever since. she's my truest of an oldest friend possible!

miffy came to the bay for a quick visit last weekend. i took hardly any pictures - what?! - but we had a really fantastic time. miffy was so nice to talk me through lots of wedding planning stress and it was wonderful to catch up on her life, which is taking on a big change soon!




we went to the oakland temple, biked across the golden gate bridge to sausalito, barely made the last ferry back in time to peddle our bikes back to the rental place and therefore cruised along the piers and crissy field, stopped by north beach and chinatown, ate dinner at the coolest indian place on fillmore, took a lovely sunday morning walk around stanford campus, attended church together, had a picnic on the beach and watched the waves from the ritz carlton half moon bay fire pits.

i am seriously astonished that i still love san francisco more and more every day i am there. it's magic!



last weekend my wonderful friends from high school threw me a bridal shower. it was in mallory's parents' back yard and it was just the sweetest, loveliest, darlingest little event. i am so sad that i forgot my real camera and only got a couple iphone shots of the enchanting charm! the set up was so adorable and the food was so yummy and the company was just the best. i sat there in the middle of the blithe utah summer evening, surrounded by dear friends, and just marveled at how happy all the air around me felt on my skin. i love these girls that i grew up with - some since elementary school, some since high school, some since college - so very, very much, and i could feel their excitement for me and the boy.

we caught up on each other's lives, enjoyed sweet and savory treats, shared love stories, opened presents, and stayed hours until it was dark chatting and laughing. gosh, it was just so fun.

seriously, i could hardly fall asleep that night just feeling full to the brim with gratitude and joy.


we fell in love with san francisco together

my first sunday at church in san francisco, i was introduced to another new girl named kelsey. i remember telling her that i liked her hair. something told me we were going to be good friends. honestly, since the moment we met.

the next week, in my new place wanderlusty and also nearly friendless state, i was looking for someone to have an adventure with. i asked kelsey if she wanted to go to santa cruz with me just to explore. she agreed without any hesitation. and i knew my initial suspicion about our friend compatibility was correct. on that day trip down the coast, we quickly got into deep conversations and realized we were actually fantastic adventure buddies.

we fell in love with san francisco together, and over the past four years we’ve done all kinds of spectacular exploring around the bay area and beyond. we’ve discovered different neighborhoods and random nicks and crannies of the city, road tripped along highway one as far north as seattle and as far south as los angeles, ran a half marathon together in santa barbara, enjoyed many of the best eats and treats of san francisco (and believe us, that’s a lot of delicious food) and realized we are excellent food sharing companions, rode bikes in sonoma and explored napa, camped and had transcendently beautiful experiences together with nature in big sur and yosemite and mendocino, threw bonfire night parties together every november fifth, went to all kinds of parades and weird san francisco events, cried and laughed together in way too many crazy hard and crazy awesome moments to list, and grew into a dynamic and oh so very cherished friendship that will last forever. this single bay area chapter of my life is so vividly colored by this vibrant, incredible girl, and i am so grateful that we’ve been in this place together.

here’s the first picture of kelsey and i together on this blog – back in 2010 when we drove from san francisco to seattle together – along the oregon coast: kelsey
and today she drove back to seattle without me, this time to stay. i can’t even begin to express how much i will miss her, and the magnitude of that feeling is pretty blown away still by how grateful i am for her friendship these years by the bay.

on tuesday night kelsey and i met at grace cathedral on top of nob hill in the city for one last round of yoga on the labyrinth together. going to this free class with live music and hundreds of other participants among the coolness of the stone and the colors of the stained glass is one of our favourite things to do together in the city. it felt so good to unwind under the amazing cathedral ribbons (a recent art installation), doing downward dog and the like to the soundtrack of the singing bowls and the didgeridoo.

photo (6)

after yoga, we went to dinner in the mission and then i dropped kelsey off at her house in the castro one last time. so many pick ups and drop offs and sleepovers and conversations and memories there….it feels like the end of an era. i am so grateful for this girl who defined my life in this place so much. what a blessing to have a friend like her.


sailing the bay


it has been four years since i drove across the bay bridge into my new home of san francisco with everything i owned in my car and not a stich of a life in this new place. that wild decision to pick up and move with only gumption and wonder to keep me going is one of the best i’ve ever made. i can’t even believe how much i fell in love with the bay area and how richly this place helped me to become and all the blessings – both hard and organic – that have come from my time here.


when i first moved in to the city, i found two kindred spirit bosom friends almost immediately, steph and kelsey. i’ve had so many adventures with both of these girls, together and separately. they are some of my favourite people in the entire universe. and both of them happen to be leaving san francisco in the next couple of weeks – kelsey to a new job in seattle and steph to business school in utah. oh my gosh i am going to miss them so! to send them off with a bon voyage, a bunch of friends rented a boat and set sail on the san francisco bay on the most gloriously beautiful night last week!


we cruised along the waterfront of the piers, around alcatraz just as the sky behind the golden gate bridge blazed in last light, and back under the bay bridge just as the sparkles of the bay lights and the city lights started glimmering. it was soooooooo magical (yes, i know i seem to overuse that word – but seriously, i can’t describe that night any other way!). i loved reuniting with some good friends, meeting a few new friends, reminiscing on all the good times with kelsey and steph, and having my sweetheart with me, too.


as we sailed closer to the golden gate bridge, the boat tipped super far and it turned into a high adventure ride! it felt like we were definitely going to tip. then, as we turned back towards the bay bridge, everything was smooth and kind and lovely.

IMG_1955IMG_1989IMG_1996IMG_2016IMG_2004IMG_2005IMG_2008IMG_2022 IMG_2013IMG_2024IMG_2029IMG_2033

of course we made a late night stop at bob’s donuts with everyone before we headed back to palo alto. holy moly i love san francisco. but man! it will be a bit less fabulous without kelsey and steph! love them a lot.


{last sailing trip here}


dearest friends

when i’m in utah, i love making my rounds to spend a little time with many of my dearest, dearest friends.

lisa, megan and i had a sleepover at my parents’ downtown condo. we stayed up too late talking, and slept three deep in the master bedroom. in the morning, we got some breakfast at eva’s before bringing lisa to the airport for a trip to california. it’s been nearly eight years since i met these girls during my time as a visiting student at byu. love them to bits.
i met cath and her baby boys downtown for a quick garden stroll and lunch at city creek. i hadn’t seen charlie since the day after he was born, and the last time i saw sam he only knew a few words (now he talks like crazy!). i love those sweet boys so much, and the fact that catherine calls me “auntie charity” to them.
photo (2) (1)
we had a traditional high-school-friends dodo lunch on friday. as per usual, we pretty much all ordered the smoked turkey sandwich, and stayed at our table talking and laughing for about two hours. it was so, so fun. how it is possible that our ten year reunion is this summer??
^^julie and i met up at the thanksgiving point tulip festival. the flowers were astonishing and catching up with jewels was (as always) the best. julie is one of the world’s best human beings.

<<on friday night i drove down to provo to attend my dani’s graduation from the mpa at byu. i’m so glad i was in town just at the right time to see her become a master! she’s the coolest. after a celebratory dinner with her family in provo, dani and i met up at my parents’ house in park city and stayed up late talking. when i woke up, dani was, of course, making us crepes in the kitchen. we did a little exploring around the still winter-bleak but beautiful mountains around heber in the afternoon. dani and my hearts are knit.
i am so blessed with these dearest friends!


central coast

i had the whole week off! hooray for february break.
on tuesday, i headed south to the california’s central coast to visit my dear dear dear (truly, one of the all-time dearest) friend sara, who is living on vandenberg air force base with her husband, matt.
{i took a lot of pictures, playing around with my new camera.}
we met at the cute town of morro bay, strolled along the embarcadero, caught up over grilled cheese
on the pier, explored morro rock and hiked up black hill for an overlook.IMG_0131IMG_0134IMG_0140IMG_0163matt gave me a tour of the base and taught me lots about launching rockets,
monitoring satellites, and crazy cool space technologies.IMG_0184we went to this gorgeous spot where we could see the remnants of shipwrecks and the surging sea.IMG_0170IMG_0173
on wednesday, sara took me to la purisima mission, and we hiked around in the hills.
oh how good it felt to talk with a bosom friend!IMG_0189
a little further south, we saw this sign and knew our choice to check out ostrichland was a good one.
 IMG_0230  IMG_0232
this place was hilarious. one of the more bizarre things i’ve ever done. i loved it.
 IMG_0261 IMG_0273
   we went to the darling danish town of solvang. we had both been before but it was fun to explore together.
sara showed me a cool sock shop and i introduced sara to aebleskivers!
there was a farmer’s market happening, which was totally delightful to stroll through.
 IMG_0287 IMG_0292
sara and i caught a bit of sunset at the beach on base, and then ate in the air force cafeteria and had stimulating conversations with matt. sara was so kind and found a place for me to sleep (she and matt live in a hotel room for now), and also to have sleepovers with me while i was in town. pillow talk with this girl is the best.
on thursday morning we went to pismo beach and checked out the monarch butterfly grove.
it was pretty impossible to capture on camera, but there were thousands of monarchs flying through the eucalyptus trees – it was magical.
we stopped at the cutest barn en route to montana del oro state park,
where we explored mountains and ocean and dunes.
we got to san luis obispo in late afternoon, just in time to see bubblegum alley in the daylight. i have been wanting to check this place out! i looooove the gum wall in seattle, and it turns out bubblegum alley started nearly fifty years before! some may say it’s kind of gross, but i think it’s kind of awesome – a colorful and collaborative genius of street art.
matt met us for the night farmers’ market on san luis obispo’s main street. it was super lively and fun
and we got to try all kinds of delicious.

i am seriously mega blessed to call sara and matt the dearest of friends. i cried after i said goodbye.
it was a really wonderful three days.
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