24 January 2017

something we never leave home without!
{madeline’s box pacifier clips}

IMG_8374 IMG_8376
as i’ve mentioned before, i’m pretty choosy when it comes to baby gear. as a self-proclaimed minimalist living in a tiny apartment in a big city, i am always on guard about collecting too much stuff … and there’s so many things that people claim you need for a baby that i think are silly :)

but one item that has been been absolutely essential for us has been a pacifier clip. i’m glad that moses doesn’t constantly want a binkie (or dummy, as they say here in england!) in his mouth, but he does love to suck when he’s sleepy or otherwise cranky. and heaven knows a paci not attached to our little one would perpetually end up on the grimy streets of london – a clip is a must.

there are a lot of pacifier clips out there, but so many are super ugly (in my opinion), or way too long, or just quite bulky or flashy.

but good news! i firmly believe that madeline’s box has created the perfect pacifier clips! they are just the right length, brilliantly simple in look and design, really well-made and durable (to withstand all kinds of tugging, slobbering, etc.), and all-around easy peasy to use. moses has two madeline’s box clips and we never leave the house without one attached to him or his carrier.

IMG_8379 IMG_8385
^^ this is mo’s “softy” clip. not only does this clip keep his binkie attached to him, but it also keeps him entertained a lot of times - he absolutely loves to suck on the braided chain, or just swing it around, or work diligently on putting the binkie into his mouth (right side up and right side in) on his own. ^^
IMG_8411 IMG_8422
^^ and this is his leather suede clip. isn’t it so pretty?! i had such a hard time picking a colour among the many, many choices – but i’m always a sucker for gold. ^^
IMG_8421 IMG_8419

madeline’s box pacifier clips are totally affordable and totally adorable. (seriously, there are so many cute different colours and designs that i am so tempted to break out of my minimalism and just buy them all!) and the clips can be used to hold on to anything, really, not just binkies/dummies.

IMG_8389 IMG_8394 
we have really love our madeline’s box clips and hope some more of you mamas and babies out there can enjoy them too!


23 January 2017

a new year, a half birthday, and some exciting firsts!

^^ strolling (literally) through notting hill mews with mums and munchkins. love these women and kiddos! ^^

on 9 january, our little moses officially turned six months old. it is so amazing to me to realize that it has been a whole half year since he arrived and filled our world with newness, wonder, love and joy. his constant growth and change keeps us on our toes and is so much fun to watch and nurture. life is sweet with mister mo.

around moses’s first half birthday, he experienced three very exciting firsts – his first food (avocado and then some other cool tastes), his first real sleeps through the night (cue the hallelujah chorus – although i do have to say i miss those sweet night feeds!), and his first rides in a buggy! these fun milestones - along with good times with friends and family, and the ever-present buzz of this beautiful city - have made our january days in london quite wonderful, despite the cold and darkness. twenty seventeen is off to a great start. we feel so happy and blessed in our little family.

some phone photos from life lately…

IMG_3606 IMG_3608
^^ at first, moses was not too sure about eating food. he was a little worried about that avocado…^^
IMG_3619 IMG_3620 IMG_3623 ^^ … but by day/attempt #2 he was loving it – so glad and proud of himself. now, he either grunts with delight or giggles through feedings. i think he got an intense food-loving gene from his mama! ^^
i was a little sad to see the exclusively-breastfed season pass. it is just so cool to me that every single bit of moses’s body was made by my body (besides that tiny little sperm of course :) ) up until his six month birthday. it’s a new era, and a fun new adventure!
IMG_3594 IMG_3611
^^ and at very first, moses wasn’t entirely sure about riding in a buggy rather than strapped on to mom or dad (don’t you love his dubious little face on the right?) … ^^
IMG_3630 IMG_3763
^^ … but he has very quickly adapted and loves riding in the stroller – especially on cobblestones! he sleeps really well in the buggy, which is awesome. too bad he missed seeing this super cool wall i brought him to though… :) ^^
IMG_3520 IMG_3522
^^ i absolutely love that my mother-in-law held on to a bunch of clothes that ian wore as a baby and handed them down to us – and the few stanford pieces are the best part. when ian was born, his dad was a law student at stanford. baby ian was dressed in cardinal clothes, which his mom kept  in a box for 31 years (and meanwhile, grown ian attended staford himself). now, baby moses wears the same stanford threads. it’s so special and sweet! ^^
IMG_3533 IMG_3575 IMG_3577
^^ we spent some great time with my brother jonah and his family while they were still in town from christmas (they were staying with my sister-in-laws mom but moses and i got to meet up with them almost every day). moses loved being carried in uncle jo’s coat, and little ezra (appearing here as spiderman…) adored seeing moses. it was the sweetest. ^^
IMG_3541 IMG_3580
^^ mo’s “monkey butt” trousers – our favourite and a gift from his aunt sarah // more vintage baby ian clothes worn by his baby son! ^^
IMG_3548 IMG_3553
^^ one day moses and i popped in the national gallery for a little art perusing. i was struck by these two depictions of the nativity. the story of jesus’s birth means so much more to me now that i have given birth. ^^
^^ our view upon leaving the national gallery – a last snippet of christmas and the golden light of a new year glowing through trafalgar square (+ someone dressed up as olof, for good measure…) ^^IMG_3573
^^ and some lingering chirstmas in covent garden. i just love those mistletoe so much. ^^
IMG_3582 IMG_3583
^^ we didn’t pick up a magnet at a souvenir shop, like we usually do on all of our trips, when we went to switzerland for new years weekend. but we did collect a magnet way cooler than any we could get in a shop – one made from our little niece’s kindergarten school picture! it’s definitely our best magnet now. // moses did some practice on “the trick,” in preparation for grandfather’s visit … my dad loves to hold babies’ feet in his hands and help them balance standing. more on my parents’ visit coming soon! ^^
IMG_3624 IMG_3626
^^ moses is starting to acknowledge and enjoy other babies. we had a little play date with baby julian and baby samuel one afternoon and escaped the cold outside by popping in the church building, where we let the boys play on the ground for a bit. i’m so glad mo has these little friends and i can’t wait to see them start to enjoy each other more and more :) ^^
IMG_3633 IMG_3636
^^ lately moses has taken to sucking both thumbs at the same time. homeboy wants anything and everything in his mouth. i think a second tooth is peeking through! ^^
IMG_3641 IMG_3542
^^ i had to snap a photo of dinner before i put it in the oven because it just looked so pretty! // and i just can’t get over that forehead curl. i know he’ll grow out of it and one day we’ll have to snip it off and i just love it so much. ^^
IMG_3647 IMG_3759
^^ sharing an umbrella on a rainy day (so sweet when moses just grabbed a hold of the umbrella with me!) // enjoying blue skies and wall murals on a sunny day. ^^
IMG_3760 IMG_3870
^^ spotted around londontown… ^^
^^ we had a get-together with the couples we met in our prenatal course – and their babies! – last saturday. it was so so fun to see everyone, share experiences and tips and laughs, and watch the babies interact a bit. we met at this lovely pub, which i had to take a photo of because the exact bike of my dreams was parked outside and it looked so pretty! ^^
IMG_3880IMG_3881 IMG_3882IMG_3883IMG_3884
^^ ^^ dads and mums – love this group! all of us girls text each other pretty much constantly, and get together quite often with our little ones – it’s so nice to have a little group of new mums with the same age babies! ^^

yes, twenty seventeen is off to a great start. i’m so grateful for all the goodness in my life!

18 January 2017

a ski weekend in kitzbuhel


last weekend we popped down to the austrian alps to do a bit of skiing/snowboarding. ian and i have been wanting to have a ski day together for a long time (and we had our eyes set on kitzbuhel because our friends went there and it looked amazing), but pregnancy and a new baby put it off … and then as moses grew we weren’t sure how to make it work because obviously we’d need an all-day babysitter. when my cousin aubrey moved to england to study at oxford, we realized it would work perfect to bring her with us to be our babysitter for a ski weekend – especially because she is a really big skier! we flew to munich on thursday night, aubrey skiied on friday, and we skiied (me) / snowboarded (ian) on saturday.

i spent the month leading up to our ski trip hoping, hoping, hoping for fresh snow at kitzbuhel. i hoped so hard for powder that i forgot to hope for some visibility! and we ended up skiing through a blizzard – haha! the weather and lack of scenery (which was the principle reason i wanted to ski in the alps) along with the little-bit-frustrating fact that ian had overestimated his snowboarding skills, made my ski day about forty percent miserable and sixty percent fun. i think ian would assign about the same ratio. but we made the most of it and definitely enjoyed the weekend as a whole. the little village of kitzbuhel is so so darling and cozy, and that austrian weiner schnitzel is so tasty! :) it was wonderful to be together, just the two of us, for a big chunk of time – but it was even more wonderful to be reunited with moses (who i missed like craaaaazy). being in the mountains was good for our souls, and being in snow again was so great. we had a perfect little apartment nestled into a pretty valley, and it even included a sauna! we enjoyed hanging out there and playing games in the evenings with aubrey.

here are some pictures from our weekend!

^^ pretty views from our apartment! sometimes our views were just a blanket of white, and sometimes they were like this (never clearer than this as it snowed on and off the entire two days!) ^^
^^ i couldn’t get over how charming and colourful this main road in the village was! ^^
IMG_8342 IMG_8346
^^ we walked down the road to the churchyard, and it was pretty magical to walk through the snow among the graves under the indigo sky. ^^
^^ many of the graves had lit candles like this. i love it! ^^
IMG_8364IMG_3653 IMG_3654 2
^^ we popped in a restaurant our friends had recommended on the main street and had schnitzel and almdudler, a traditional austrian fizzy apple drink. so delish! ^^
^^ and when we came out of the restaurant, it was snowing!! enchanting. ^^
IMG_8369 IMG_8371
^^ how about those little sleepy feet sticking out of ian’s jacket?! ^^IMG_3656
^^ our drive to the slopes ^^
IMG_3663 2
^^ my vision of a photo of us with spectacular cascading alps behind us turned into this quick selfie right before a genuine whiteout – haha! ^^
IMG_3676 2
^^ ian could hardly see anything when taking this photo. hence the awesome composition :) ^^
IMG_3698 IMG_3700
^^ there certainly was still some great beauty to take in despite the low visibility. i loved skiing through these amazing snow-laden trees! and the cable car ride was pretty breathtaking. ^^
IMG_3693 2
^^ yes, i know these goggles are awesome. our friends lent them to me and they totally went well, all colourful and flashy, with the rest of my cobbled-together ski outfit – haha! ^^
IMG_3705 IMG_3722 2
^^ after our last run (of course!), the blue sky started to appear! we strolled back to that colourful street to experience it in the daytime….
IMG_3712 2 IMG_3717 2IMG_3718 2
^^ we sat on some sheepskin blankets at an outdoor table at the little cafe in this yellow building ^^ and sipped some hot coco and debriefed from our day (we split up in the afternoon). it was really lovely! ^^
^^ meanwhile, aubrey and moses were having a blast! it was so great to have someone that we super trust and that moses knows quite well to babysit for us! we adore aubrey and it’s so fun having her living close to us! ^^
^^ more balcony views. ^^
IMG_3741 2
^^ our early morning drive out of kitzbuhel in order to make it to 9am church in rosenheim, germany. ^^
IMG_3743 2
^^ quick snaps from the car window don’t do this dawn drive any justice! it was just stunningly beautiful. ^^
IMG_3746 2

here’s a quick video i made from the live photos i took on my phone on our ski day. so much snow!
 we would love to go back to kitzbuhel again one day!
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