19 October 2016

a treasure trove of inspiration and resources for moms!

the mom conference, which took place online last week, was incredible! i learned so much, and have loved hearing about the immense amount of inspiration and support other moms got out of the interviews with stellar parenting experts on all kinds of fascinating and important topics. but i definitely didn't get to listen to all the interviews that were of interest to me, and i am sure i won't be able to remember all the amazing tips and insights crammed into those conversations (especially since it will be a while before moses and his eventual siblings are at the ages when i'll really need a lot of those ideas!)

luckily, there are mom conference packages available for purchase! the packages include lifetime access to all twenty interviews, plus a load of bonus materials. and right now they are on sale!!

the sale ends at midnight eastern time tonight (19 october)

17 October 2016

precious postpartum:
lessons learned and tips to remember

there is a segment written by a woman named felice austin in the book the gift of giving life (which i cannot recommend emphatically enough - i love it) that really struck me. it is about the postpartum period, which is typically defined as the six weeks, or roughly forty days, after childbirth. ms. austin points out that the number forty is a significant number when it comes to spans of time relating to transition and sanctification: god sent rain for forty days in the time of noah, moses was on the mountain for forty days, israel wandered in the wilderness for forty years,  jesus fasted for forty days before his ministry and spent forty days teaching his apostles after his ministry. this context makes it particularly interesting that, physiologically, pregnancy typically lasts around forty weeks and postpartum bleeding typically lasts around forty days. 

as i realized this connection and then reflected on the incredible transition my body, identity and spirit would experience directly after childbirth, i decided to treat my personal postpartum period as a spiritual practice. i chose to consider this time as truly sanctifying, as a really precious opportunity to not only rest and heal and bond, but to evolve and renew - like a juice cleanse or detox diet, but for the soul. 

i've found that there's a lot of unfortunate chatter around postpartum recovery ... this sort of unspoken but quite acute element of competition and pride or embarrassment around how long it takes a woman to "bounce back" or get out of the house or fit in her pre-pregnancy jeans or resume "normal" life. although i definitely found myself slipping into a mentality of comparing or rushing, i really tried to embrace slow progression and cherish the golden and unique (especially with a first child) forty days after moses was born. everything was new and a lot was challenging, but it was one of the most beautiful chapters of my life thus far. and in a lot of ways, i truly felt sanctified.    

{i recognize that i am extremely privileged to have had the luxury of genuine rest and positivity during my postpartum period. my baby and i, though healing, were overall very healthy; i didn't have to worry about urgently returning to work; i was lucky to avoid the crippling, sometimes unpreventable depression that many new moms struggle with; i had a ton of support from my husband, my mom and others. i definitely acknowledge that this is not the norm for all women, and i am really grateful.}

i learned a lot in those forty days - things that i want to remember for next time, and also that i want to share in case they are helpful for anyone else out there. i'm certainly no expert on this stuff as a brand new first time mom, but for what it's worth, here's the notes i took (while it was all fresh in my mind!) about things i wish i'd known or was glad i knew postpartum. 

14 October 2016

hampton court palace with h&h!


it was so great having ian’s brother hyrum, his wife heather, and their five redheaded kids here in london in august! they spent a month in the uk and a month in ireland, and are just now settling in for three months in munich, before they head back to their home in pittsburgh. since we live so far away from most of our family members, it’s just so nice to have some loved ones nearby. we got to have a few adventures with h&h and the kids, the grandest being our trip together to visit hampton court palace on the august bank holiday.

hampton court is so so cool! all ten of us loved exploring the seemingly endless palace and grounds and learning about king henry the eighth and other british monarchs. it was a really lovely summer day and moses was so glad to be with his fellow ginger cousins :) we are looking forward to spending thanksgiving weekend in germany with h&h!

some photos from our day at hampton court…

^^ little mo was totally amazed by the splendor of this place! :) ^^
^^ there were lots of people dressed up in period clothing that taught us about england at the time of henry the eighth. ^^
IMG_4965IMG_4982 IMG_5035
^^ woah! check out that staircase! can you spot ian and moses?! and this ^^ diagram was helpful! ^^
^^ our crew making our way through the many courtyards to see lots of different cool stuff! ^^
^^ i looooved this tall hedge that had little windows through it! ^^
^^ ha! moses’s sunhat is a biiiiit on the big side! ^^
^^ i think my very favourite thing at hampton court was all the chimneys – so many different quirky bricked designs! ^^
IMG_5012IMG_5016 IMG_5031
^^ there’s a hedge maze at hampton court! we sure had fun trying to get to the middle! ^^
^^ in the sensational rose garden! ^^
^^ there was a food festival going on behind the palace! it was such a fun atmosphere with food stalls and entertainers and little tents set up with different activities. a total party! ^
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