21 October 2016

moses rides on his first airplane
and meets family in new york city!

{the past couple of weeks, i’ve been spending the small amount of spare time i can eek out during moses’s naps to organize photos from baby boy’s life and especially our trip to the states last month. it is causing me so much anxiety! my external hard drive is being really finicky, and i’m trying to combine photos from several sources and folders where i dumped them. and i’m actually feeling physically ill realizing that i don’t have pictures of tiny baby moses with some of the uncles and aunts and cousins and grandparents that he met when we were back home across the pond. i know i’m being dramatic about it but ahhh it’s seriously eating at me. our trip what such a whirlwind – four states and dozens of family members (plus dozens of friends!) in just two weeks. add jet lag plus waking in the night with a newborn on there and everything’s just a bit of a haze. i’m sure it doesn’t really matter and i’ll get over it that i don’t have any photos of moses with just his grandma wright or being snuggled by his uncle eli, and i’ll try to fill in the photo gaps with words where i can! aaaaand, that was a rambly disclaimer! on to documenting (the best i can!) our trip to the usa!}

IMG_3377 IMG_3423

at seven and a half weeks old, moses went on his first airplane ride! his first flight was a big one – across the ocean for eight hours from london to new york city.

we were so excited to get moses dressed that day, because he had a very special outfit to wear for his first flight. ian’s mom sent us this darling little “airline captain” suit, which ian wore on his first airplane ride at ten days old. how cool is it that father and son wore the same exact thing for that fun milestone?!

at the airport, we took a few pictures of moses in his special outfit and then got in the queue to board the plane. we began chatting with the nice lady behind us when she asked if it was baby’s first flight. as i shared the significance of what moses was wearing, ian realized that he had worn the outfit thirty two years earlier to the day. moses: seven weeks on old 30 august 2016 // ian: ten days old on 30 august 1984. isn’t that wild?! so sweet!

on the plane, we were lucky to get bulkhead seats with a little bassinet set up for moses. he loved it! and he did so well during the entire ride across the sea. he snoozed and smiled and snacked.
IMG_3384 IMG_3388IMG_3405 IMG_3410IMG_3413 IMG_6184
i was so, so excited when we touched down at jfk! it just felt real good to be back in the usa after thirteen months away (ian had returned a few weeks earlier for his sister’s wedding). my brother eli picked us up at the airport and it was so fun to introduce him to moses, fresh off the plane.

we spent two days in the big apple. my brother eli and sister-in-law julie live on the upper west side with their two kids. my sister saydi and her four kids came down to new york  from boston to see us! and, also! my parents were in town! they told us just a couple weeks before we arrived that they were planning to be in new york city that weekend as well.

ian worked in his firm’s new york office both days, but got to hang out with us all a bit in the evenings. the two of us, and moses!, were suuuuper jetlagged so these two days really feel like a blur. still, it was so, so wonderful to introduce our baby boy to beloved family members and to spend some time in that fabulous city.

on our first day, zara and dean met baby moses in the morning, and then ian and i had to run some errands to get moses’s uk residence permit. that afternoon, i got to buy zara a treat in central park (^^), and then saydi and the kids arrived around dinnertime!

IMG_1690 IMG_1691IMG_1692IMG_1694IMG_2428IMG_2425 IMG_3550

it was so, so wonderful watching saydi and her kids meet our moses (and see eli and his family continue to enjoy him!). saydi has been a huge influence over my understanding of and attitude towards childbirth for over a decade, and she was the first person in the world that i told (besides ian!) that i was pregnant. she was a tremendous support throughout my pregnancy, preparations for giving birth, and postpartum period. i love her so much and i was just so thrilled for her to meet that baby we had talked sooo much about!! her kids were pretty excited about moses too :)
we all went out for sushi that night, and the next morning gathered at the apartment my parents were staying in. it was really rainy so we hung out there for a while, and moses got in some quality time with his silly grandfather.

IMG_1699IMG_3569 IMG_3573IMG_3579 IMG_3581IMG_1704

when it cleared up a bit, we were off to central park! we went to sweetgreen and had a little picnic on some park benches, and then kept walking towards the met…


…when it all of a sudden started pouring! we were right by the shakespeare amphitheater so we huddled under the awnings waiting for the storm to pass through. when it didn’t for quite a while, the kids decided they might as well enjoy the rain and promptly ran around getting soaked (and squealing with glee)!

IMG_1706IMG_1707IMG_1710 IMG_1711

after a while it cleared up again so we continued again towards the met (the rooftop there is one of my favourite spots in new york city – and the world!). zara fell asleep in the stroller on the way, in an interesting position…

IMG_1714 IMG_6219

hahah! … and upon arrival we quickly found out that the rooftop was closed for the rest of the day due to the weather.


the kids got a little more wet in the fountain while zara continued her nap (i can’t get over those feet sticking out of the stroller bin!) while mom, saydi, emmeline and i went inside the museum so moses could have a feed.


we stopped by sheep’s meadow on the way back to the upper west side. the views looked pretty fantastic under the breaking clouds! we snapped a few pictures of moses with his cousins.


and a few more of this london boy enjoying a different big, beautiful city!


after ian got done with work, he joined us for thai takeout at the apartment my parents were staying at, and then we had to say goodbye because our flight to texas was early the next morning!

it was a wild and jetlaggy but happy two days in new york city. little did moses know that he had just barely begum meeting loved ones!

19 October 2016

a treasure trove of inspiration and resources for moms!

the mom conference, which took place online last week, was incredible! i learned so much, and have loved hearing about the immense amount of inspiration and support other moms got out of the interviews with stellar parenting experts on all kinds of fascinating and important topics. but i definitely didn't get to listen to all the interviews that were of interest to me, and i am sure i won't be able to remember all the amazing tips and insights crammed into those conversations (especially since it will be a while before moses and his eventual siblings are at the ages when i'll really need a lot of those ideas!)

luckily, there are mom conference packages available for purchase! the packages include lifetime access to all twenty interviews, plus a load of bonus materials. and right now they are on sale!!

the sale ends at midnight eastern time tonight (19 october)

17 October 2016

precious postpartum:
lessons learned and tips to remember

there is a segment written by a woman named felice austin in the book the gift of giving life (which i cannot recommend emphatically enough - i love it) that really struck me. it is about the postpartum period, which is typically defined as the six weeks, or roughly forty days, after childbirth. ms. austin points out that the number forty is a significant number when it comes to spans of time relating to transition and sanctification: god sent rain for forty days in the time of noah, moses was on the mountain for forty days, israel wandered in the wilderness for forty years,  jesus fasted for forty days before his ministry and spent forty days teaching his apostles after his ministry. this context makes it particularly interesting that, physiologically, pregnancy typically lasts around forty weeks and postpartum bleeding typically lasts around forty days. 

as i realized this connection and then reflected on the incredible transition my body, identity and spirit would experience directly after childbirth, i decided to treat my personal postpartum period as a spiritual practice. i chose to consider this time as truly sanctifying, as a really precious opportunity to not only rest and heal and bond, but to evolve and renew - like a juice cleanse or detox diet, but for the soul. 

i've found that there's a lot of unfortunate chatter around postpartum recovery ... this sort of unspoken but quite acute element of competition and pride or embarrassment around how long it takes a woman to "bounce back" or get out of the house or fit in her pre-pregnancy jeans or resume "normal" life. although i definitely found myself slipping into a mentality of comparing or rushing, i really tried to embrace slow progression and cherish the golden and unique (especially with a first child) forty days after moses was born. everything was new and a lot was challenging, but it was one of the most beautiful chapters of my life thus far. and in a lot of ways, i truly felt sanctified.    

{i recognize that i am extremely privileged to have had the luxury of genuine rest and positivity during my postpartum period. my baby and i, though healing, were overall very healthy; i didn't have to worry about urgently returning to work; i was lucky to avoid the crippling, sometimes unpreventable depression that many new moms struggle with; i had a ton of support from my husband, my mom and others. i definitely acknowledge that this is not the norm for all women, and i am really grateful.}

i learned a lot in those forty days - things that i want to remember for next time, and also that i want to share in case they are helpful for anyone else out there. i'm certainly no expert on this stuff as a brand new first time mom, but for what it's worth, here's the notes i took (while it was all fresh in my mind!) about things i wish i'd known or was glad i knew postpartum. 

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