the wright brothers, 2 months and 2 years old

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you know what is really hard? getting a good picture of a two month old and an almost two year old together! this morning gabriel was grinning and cooing like crazy and somehow ian convinced moses to lay down next to his brother and smile. mo is cheesing it pretty hard and we didn’t quite capture the peaks of gabe’s smiles in the iphone photos i snapped, but i’ll take what i can get!

gabriel turned two months old yesterday, and moses turns two years old in a couple of weeks! they are both learning and growing and changing so quickly, so i wrote down some tidbits to help us remember the fun stages they are currently in. i genuinely cannot believe how crazy much i love these two little boys!

——— moses thames eyre wright @ twenty three months old ——— 

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^^ gone are the days of having a fun little “photo shoot” with moses to get some great pictures of him that capture what he looks like at a certain age. lately moses is just not into posing or smiling for the camera, or even looking at it! he just wants to play and learn and run and explore! these are the best ones i could get this morning! ^^

little mo knows what it means to be silly. he’ll answer questions with some ridiculous response and then chuckle at himself. it’s pretty fun to see him develop a little sense of humor.

moses’s imagination has taken off lately. he is constantly asking me to tell him stories, and as he listens intently - to whatever random narrative i make up on the fly - i can just see the wheels turning in his head. he has some animal busts hanging on the wall of his bedroom and one night ian told him he could imagine them coming to life after he falls asleep. every morning now he is so excited to tell us that the animals came to life while he was snoozing!

he has really started developing some legitimate friendships, which is so sweet to watch. he has begun volunteering things to thank god for in our nightly prayers together, and he sometimes mentions his little pals by name. a few weeks ago we hosted his little “toddler class” and he was sooo pumped to have so many of his buddies in his home. when he woke up from his nap that day, i found him jumping up and down in his crib saying “friends” over and over - just reminiscing on how exciting it was so play with all of them that morning!

mo usually spends one day a week at the children’s centre at ian’s office, and on sundays he spends two hours in nursery with the other toddlers at church. he is sometimes very clingy to mom and dad when we drop him off, but he always ends up having a great time playing with friends and different adults.

moses is learning about physical boundaries and what’s okay when interacting with others. unfortunately, this has resulted in a pushing phase. he just randomly shoves other kids, especially if they are smaller than him. it breaks our hearts! he is such a sweet little boy, so this behavior really does seem totally out of left field. we are working on it. it’s so tricky to help him understand in a clear and sustainable way that pushing is not okay. we’re learning together!

he is also in a “do-it-himself” phase. when he wants to do something on his own he sometimes says, “self,” but more often says, “mo.” and in the past week or so he’s been saying “mo wright” to indicate he wants to try the task without help. when he figures he could use a little adult assistance, he says, “mommy help you.”

IMG 1045 IMG 1049
^^ trying to convince moses to smile for some photos by doing some silly faces first, haha! ^^

moses genuinely loves his brother. he loves to try to make gabriel smile by talking to him in baby talk, saying “gabey, gabriel, gabey” in a singsongy voice. he loves to run to gabriel’s aid - by reinserting the pacifier - when gabriel is crying. gabe definitely has endured a few swats and bonks, but moses is generally very gentle with his baby brother.

little mo is just an explorer. he’s always peering around observing the world, and, when he can, running excitedly to discover a new place.

everyday moses says new words we haven’t heard him say before. often it’s difficult for us to understand what word he is trying to say, and he’ll sometimes really cleverly come up with an alternative way to get across what he’s trying to communicate. he gets very excited when we guess right on what he is saying :) he often wants us to acknowledge what he is saying about five or six times. he’s putting words together more and more. it’s so cool to see his language develop!

it sometimes seems like mo has just two speeds - running full-throttle or walking veeeeerrry slow and stopping to examine tiny details every ten or so seconds ;)

IMG 1054 IMG 1055
^^ sitting still is not really an element of moses’s life. most of the pictures i took this morning were blurry like these ones! ^^

he continues to love to dance and adores being chased by (or chasing) mom and dad. occasionally he just feels like running and he will race around the perimeter of our front room seriously thirty times in a row.

moses loves water and sometimes takes two-hour-long baths. now that it’s really warm most days in london, he is often delighted by the splash pads/paddling pools/fountains that we go to play in.

when he wakes up in the morning and after his nap, he usually plays happily in his crib on his own for a good amount of time (up to an hour, plus!). i love that because i’m able to focus on tending to gabriel and/or getting things done around the flat with that precious time. i sometimes think we should buy a fancy video monitor solely for our own entertainment - i’d love to see what mo is up to in there (we just hear him singing or babbling or jumping).

moses has been signing “thank you” since he was a small baby. about a month ago he started signing very emphatically when we asked him to give a big thank you. he would put his hand to his mouth and then swing it away with lots of pizzazz and a big “aaaaaaahwaaa” sound. now he has graduated to saying the words “thank you,” which is sooo cute, but sometimes i miss the enthusiastic signing!

our moses thames brings us so, so much joy! every single day after he goes to bed ian and i talk about the darling/funny/clever things he did that day, and what a cool kid he is.

———gabriel james wright @ two months old ——— 

IMG 1000IMG 1003

our angel gabriel is a happy baby. he started smiling (non sleepy/gassy smiles) right when he turned six weeks old and there are more grins every day. he is especially cheerful in the mornings and we love watching his expressions as he gets released from his swaddle and stretches his body at the start of each day. he has also started letting out the most adorable coos that just melt our hearts.

he is sleeping well most nights. he wakes for a feed sometime between 3:30 and 5:00 am, and he’s usually very good about going right back to sleep in his moses basket after he’s eaten. occasionally he has a hard time settling back into slumber and so i keep him in the bed with me, snuggling until 7:30 or so. i don’t sleep very soundly when he’s in my arms, but i love the sweetness of his body cuddled up to mine and the feeling of his breath on my skin.

IMG 1025 IMG 1018

when gabriel was born, our midwives noticed a “sucking blister” on one of his hands - evidence that he had been sucking in the womb. he just came into the world really, really loving the comfort of sucking … and so baby boy loves his pacifier.

gabriel also loves to be swaddled. ian is the swaddle master. he is seriously so good at wrapping babies up in a super tight cocoon that tiny arms cannot break free of!

gabey baby (this nickname was given to him by his brother!) is breastfeeding really well and is definitely growing. i just put away all the newborn clothes the other day (and it broke my heart a little). he has very long limbs and is a tall baby. he has huge eyes that are open wide when they are open. his hair continues to be awesome and attract comments. none of that “highlighted" brunette goodness seems to have fallen out or gotten rubbed off!

he has dimples!!

IMG 1020 IMG 1024 IMG 1022

since we don’t have a double stroller (or even a newborn seat for our single stroller), gabriel is always strapped to me when we are out and about. he loves being worn and always seems to be very soothed in the wrap or carrier - it’s basically impossible for him to stay awake in there! the vast majority of his daytime sleeping happens when i am wearing him, and he often snoozes through an entire several-hour outing.

a week after gabe was born, his dad gave him a priesthood blessing. in that blessing, ian said that gabriel would be a “mild child.” i definitely fist pumped with my head bowed and my eyes closed when that was said ;) and our sweet baby has lived up to that blessing. when he is upset, he lets you know - loudly and quickly - but he is generally pretty chill and just rolls with whatever we are doing.

IMG 1006

his favourite place in the house seems to be mom and dad’s bed. there’s just something about the light from the big window in that room, or the way the light fixture moves shadows on the wall, or the cushiness of the duvet…?

after moses goes to bed between 7 and 8 pm each night, we get to focus on gabriel, and those nighttime hours are so sweet. both ian and i just cannot stand how cute our little baby boy is and we often spend a quarter of an hour just watching him and being enamored by him :)

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how blessed am i to be mama to these two sweet babies??? i am so lucky to continue to watch them learn and to learn from them.

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ten thoughts on a wednesday |38|


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over the past few days, i heard/read a few tidbits about children being separated from their parents at the us-mexico border. life has just been whizzing by, and i hadn’t taken the time to read up on what exactly is going on. this morning, while moses was happily splashing in the bath and gabriel was snoozing, i decided i better become informed. at the suggestion of a friend, i read this synopsis of the situation. and i am horrified. (i also listened to this podcast, which was really helpful in understanding some context/reasoning.)
how is this actually happening in my country?? i am disgusted and heartbroken, and i feel so helpless. but the article linked above has some good suggestions on how to help, and i just hope and pray that the combined efforts of many will lead to change, soon. 
today i’ve been holding my two boys a little closer and have been caring for them with profound gratitude in my heart. 
dear reader: if you have any further suggestions for how to help those families that have been separated, please leave a comment on this post. also, if you support this policy, i would sincerely like to understand why, and i invite you to leave a comment with your thoughts. 

i’m not sure how to segue from that topic into any other - all the rest of the thoughts i planned to post today seem so utterly insignificant and frivolous when i think about those children and parents separated from each other! but maybe this one will provide some sort of transition:
i love my sons so, so, so much. often, as we go out our regular days, i just feel like my heart is going to clobber all my other organs because it is so swollen with love for moses and gabriel. the other day i was kissing little mo’s face repeatedly. i couldn’t stop myself. he was giggling and then said, “lots of kisses, mama!” gabriel just gives a little coo when the kisses have become excessive :) 

a friend of mine posted the following as a caption to an instagram photo on mother’s day, and i can’t stop thinking about it … i love it!:
“some days motherhood feels like 99% trying to convince a little human that your face is not a race car track and 1% being so unbelievably grateful that it is.” 

yesterday i got to go to yoga for the first time in about a month and it felt soooo good to be back on the mat, breathing and moving and flexing and relaxing. lately i have been feeling quite self-critical of my body, and i am actively working on turning those feelings into actions that help me be more physically healthy and/or remembrances of how proud i am of the life-giving work my body has done over the past several years.
exercise is such an important factor in my personal well-being, and i have been trying to figure out a sustainable way to make it a a truly everyday part of my life with two babies. i love what exercise teaches me about self-control, challenges, work, strength, attitude, and my soul. i am really passionate about the importance of caring for our physical bodies. 

i feel like i am at a crossroads in my life when it comes to personal physical self-care. i think i have allowed for a bit of imbalance as i’ve sacrificing my body in many ways to pregnancy, breastfeeding, and caring for small humans. because we don’t plan to try for another baby for a while, i plan to spend some of the next year or so really caring for my body and physical appearance. i have invested in some skincare products that i intend to use diligently, i am going to up my makeup game a bit (that’s really not hard to do, since i use hardly any makeup), i’m devoting some time and money to building a small wardrobe of quality clothes that i really like, and i’m planning to run a marathon next june (at which point i hope to be in the best physical shape of my life). i think that, as long as i keep the balance in check, investing a bit more in personal physical self-care will help me be better when it comes to the things in life that really matter. 

about every other day or so i think to myself, “how did I think having one child was hard???” and then i try to remember what it was like to be childless and just do whatever i wanted to do whenever i wanted, when no little person depended entirely on me. wild. i feel like becoming a mom has broadened my capacity in so, so many ways - and going from one child to two has certainly kept the growth trending up.

a couple weeks ago, i downloaded the app marco polo, and i LOVE it. it’s such a perfect tool for me to connect with loved ones back home in the states. i love getting friends’ messages and seeing their faces! i’ve got to get my family going on it this summer when we are together at bear lake. 

time is simultaneously so precious and so easy to waste. throughout my days lately i’ve tried to stop and ask myself, “is what i am doing right now truly productive?” this helps me to hold on to more minutes and hours that are truly the greatest resource and gift! 

i’m preparing a talk to share with one of the church congregations in london this coming sunday, and some of the main ideas i want to make are:
-we can ask god specific questions, and get specific answers. this is the way to developing personal testimony.
-we can chose to feed faith amidst doubts, or we can chose to feed doubts at the cost of faith. both faith and doubt will always be present in some way or another; we get to decide what to do with them.
-like any skill or strength (physical, mental or spiritual), we must exercise faith in order to maintain it and grow it. 

my parents are continuing to work to leverage the amazing tool of social media to share valuable marriage and parenting ideas. at the beginning of every week they post a quick tip for families on their instagram account, and followers can delve a bit deeper by following links to podcast, videos, articles, etc. my mom and dad have zero incentive to do this other than a deep and genuine desire to help strengthen families. their stuff is practical and empowering. i invite you all to follow them @richardlindaeyre!

happy wednesday! life is really beautiful, even with lots of suffering happening in the world. i hope we can see the best of humanity as we come together to try to stop cruel things (that seem like the worst of humanity) from happening. 

lately in london


IMG 3693
often, in the evenings, moses pulls up a chair to our front window and sits down to watch and wait for daddy to come home. he does this totally unprompted! he freaks out when he sees ian coming down the street … always a joyful reunion for everyone.
IMG 3669 IMG 3743
one day we went back to our old neighborhood and visited the london transport museum. it had been a while since we’d been there and mo had a blast. 
IMG 3509 IMG 3511
every time i go to covent garden these days, i feel so nostalgic. i really miss living there, in the very heart of london, but i also love where we live now so much. and it’s hard for me to be in the area without popping in to get a shack burger at shake shack (and some crinkle fries for moses!). 
IMG 3525 IMG 3534
at the beginning of the month, gabriel started smiling, and we love seeing his grins (with dimples!) soooo much!!
IMG 3538 IMG 3539 IMG 3541
we’ve had some really warm days and some fun at different splash pads/paddling pools, like this one in the courtyard at the victoria & albert museum. 
IMG 3573 IMG 3583
IMG 3582 Image
IMG 3588 IMG 3691
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i was brave and took the boys to the zoo one morning. it takes an hour to get there from our flat, and we had some misadventures on the journey home. while we were at the zoo we had a great time, but i decided that activity is best for when ian can join us :) 
IMG 3612 IMG 3615
on my birthday morning we went to an indoor soft play area that moses loved. i was surprised that he was brave enough to go down all the slides, including the big ones intended for kids over five (since the place wasn’t busy, the workers there said he could go wherever he wanted). it was a blast!
IMG 3634 IMG 3637
we had a little birthday party gathering with the friends we made in the prenatal class we took before moses was born. it’s always so great to gather with them and especially to see all the kids that have known each other since the womb play together. now those little babies are about to turn two! and it turns out that it’s even harder to get a picture of a bunch of almost two year olds than it is to get a picture of a bunch of almost one year olds, haha! (second picture is the same kids in the same place twelve months ago!) 
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gabriel is slaying us with his cuteness, and moses is super obsessed with his “moomin” stuffed animal that our sweet midwife gave him (we took a polaroid picture of mo and moomin to send with a thank you card to her!).
IMG 3630 IMG 3658
IMG 3671 IMG 3681
one birthday gift ian gave me was a reservation at duck & waffle - a top-floor restaurant with incredible views in the city of london (financial district). we had suuuuch a fun date night there a couple of days after my birthday. ian timed our reservation for sunset - so we could see the city in the daylight and sparkling after dark - and requested a table right by the window. it was a pretty magical evening.
IMG 3696 IMG 3705
i got out mo’s “my dad is super rad” onesie for gabe to wear in preparation for father’s day // two of my friends from the time I spent at byu were in town for a medical conference so i got to have a really fun girls’ night out with them! 
IMG 3717 IMG 3725
here’s ian walking to church on father’s day - pushing one little son in a buggy and carrying another little son on his chest. he is the best dad ever. he’s deliberate, patient, silly, earnest, playful, involved and tender. i knew he would be a fantastic dad but he has far exceeded my expectations. we are sooo lucky!!
IMG 3739
after church and naps on father’s day, we went on a family walk in kensington gardens, and moses stole the glasses off his daddy’s face while getting a shoulder ride. he thought it was pretty hilarious :) it was a really happy day celebrating moses and gabriel’s dad and also charity and ian’s dads! 
IMG 3752 Image  1
moses loves to look for mr. peacock in holland park, and this morning not only did we find him, but he put on an amazing show for us! 
IMG 3764 IMG 3766
this boy reminds me to exult and enjoy and embrace simple pleasures. i love hanging out with him and his baby brother every day. 
IMG 3784 IMG 3785
we are having a great summer in the city!