we left switzerland on sunday evening and arrived in london on sunday night and i was practically bubbling over with excitement as we drove into the city. for me, in many ways, coming to england is coming home. we ate dinner at nando’s (a beloved fave) and got some classic (for me!) british sweets at tesco on the way back to the hotel. my heart and belly were so happy!

on monday i got to roam london while the boy was in meetings. i took a run past st. pual’s, across millenium bridge, along southbank, under the london eye, across westminster bridge, past st. james park, through trafalgar square and along the strand. i had coldplay in my ears, rain droplets on my skin, and so much joy in my heart. it was definitely one of the best morning runs ever. i snapped these iphone photos:

IMG_1341 FullSizeRender

after a shower and some hob-nobs for breakfast, i hopped on the tube to camden market, where i had never been (i’ve visited london 6-7 times before) – and i loved it. i wandered all over camden lock and the stables, delighting in the different markets. i just couldn’t get enough of all the awesome colors and smells and sights and sounds.

IMG_3751IMG_3761IMG_3752IMG_3755 IMG_3756IMG_3758IMG_3763 IMG_3766IMG_3769 IMG_3797IMG_3772IMG_3774 IMG_3773
i especially loved the street food, which was so diverse! (dutch, vietnamese, jamacian, american, italian, peruvian, french, and on and on!)
IMG_3781IMG_3783IMG_3785IMG_3782IMG_3792IMG_3793IMG_3794IMG_3798 IMG_3802

i got back on the tube and headed to notting hill and portobello road. i had been there on my last visit to london, but i was feeling really high on markets :)


and then i went back to trafalgar square to enjoy the views down to big ben and the artwork inside the national gallery. as i walked back to the hotel just as it was getting dark, i couldn’t stop snapping pictures of so many the lovely scenes – a picture-worthy frame is around every corner!

IMG_3825IMG_3835IMG_3851 IMG_3850IMG_3841 IMG_3844IMG_3839IMG_3852 IMG_3857IMG_3861

the boy and i recapped on our days at the hotel and then ate at wagamama’s (another beloved fave) and took a quick loop similar to my running route so he could see some of the sights. man, there’s just nothing like big ben and the houses of parliament lit up at night! i was glad to have someone freak out a little at the awesomeness with me after a solitary day :)



more from basel

IMG_3709IMG_3655IMG_1328 IMG_3748
^^ traditional fondue and roesti for dinner! ^^                               ^^ obsessed with basel city hall ^^
IMG_3634 IMG_3643IMG_1329
^^ church in german was an adventure! ^^
IMG_3637 IMG_3647
^^ many of the buildings are marked with the year they were built! ^^
IMG_3707IMG_3712IMG_3713 IMG_3716
^^ loved these love locks on the bridge! ^^
IMG_3719IMG_3723IMG_3721 IMG_3741
^^ inside the cathedral ^^                                            …and…!  ^^ on top of the cathedral! ^^ (i really love that stuff!)

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