NYC, there's something about you!

There's something pretty magical about walking down Canal Street at midnight in New York City's Chinatown listening to Frank Sinatra sing "If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere!" The next song on random shuffle on my iPod was "City of Blinding Lights" by U2. SWEETNESS! (Made me think of you, Josh and that awesome concert at Madison Square Garden). When I got on the Fung Wah bus on Friday to head for the Big Apple, I realized that it felt like home. It is so fun to be back back east and be able to just pack a backpack and go to New York! Thanks to Noah and Kristi for always letting us stay and to Tal for hanging out with me!

I met my good friend from High School, Erin Anderson in NYC for the weekend. She is interning in DC so we decided to meet halfway! She brought her roommate Randi who is wonderful ... and we had a GREAT time! We went to Battery Park, and then the girls took the Staten Island Ferry while I went to lunch with Tal and Mr. London. That was really really fun... Mr. London is a hoot to me! After we left him on the street corner, I had a complete giggle attack ... and it was raining really hard which just made everything more funny. I met the girls in the village and we wantdered around this street flea market and got Magnolia Cupcakes. After dancing around in the rain and drinking hot coco in a cute little cafe, we walked all the way from Bleeker Street to Times' Square, which was fun! We went to the Wicked drawing (which I could get to with my eyes closed... I have been so many times)... and I WON!!! We were freaking out. It was so awesome. I gave the tickets to Erin and Randi since I have dseen it already twice. They LOVED it and I got to spend some more time with Noah, Kristi, McKay and Tal. After they got out of the play we went to Little Italy to this big street fair they were having and it closed right as we got there at midnight. Still fun to see though! Here are some pics of Saturday:

Street Market in the Village

Magnolia Cupcakes!

Empire State Building Lobby

Times' Square...better believe we are wearing that NY paraphernalia!

Right After I Won the Tickets!

Back in Times' Square Excited About the Win

Cool Pic I took on the way back to N&K's

Little Italy

On Sunday we had a BEAUTIFUL morning in the park, then we went to church in Noah's ward. Everytime I go to that temple building, I am AMAZED by it's coolness! We walked down 5th Ave to Tiffany's before we headed back to the apartment for Sunday Dinner and then we had to run off to the bus. Noah and Kristi and Tal, it was so fun to spend time with you. Thank you so much for everything!!!

Central Park

Belvedere Castle in the Park

Picking out Engagement Rings

East 89th Street with My WONDERFUL Family!

Back to Wellesley LATE last night, and back to SO much work and busyness! But life is so fun! Today Mom and Dad were here. We had a great meal in the dining hall, and hung out in Tower's Great Hall for a while. It was so good to see Mom and Dad and of course always a pleasure to hang with the Shumways! Thanks for coming out guys.

This is in My Dorm Room!

I am procrastinating. I should be writing a paper. I heard once that President Kimball had a plaque on his desk that said "DO IT." I think I need one of those. I'll make one right now and get down to business on this paper. I need to get really ahead in schoolwork because every weekend in October I have visitors! Hooray!

Life is beautiful and we are all so blessed! May we all enjoy being alive here and now!

Oh I forgot to say that I had the most awesome time in Boston the other day. I left Romney for President early because we finished this big long list of calls. I rode the T to Prudential and then just wandered down Newbury Street, where a sweet old man was playing the sax. I went through Back Bay to the Public Garden, over the bridge to the Common, and up into Downtown Crossing. It was such a fun walk! I felt so alive and SO IN LOVE WITH BOSTON! I really like it here A LOT. And of course Wellesley is as gorgeous as ever!

I love you all very very much!


  1. Hey, how come you copied my map on the wall idea? Ha ha. Oh man that makes me ache to get back there for our visit. Send good vibes to the leaves to be brilliant on October 21st. I'm dying for that! You look radiant as ever and I love you!

  2. You do a great blog. Perfect mix of pictures and writing. You should just turn in your blog as your classwork. My theory on school work: just figure out exactly how long it will take you to do it, and then start it that many hours before its due. The trick is, you aren't allowed to think about it before the start time. Its called "thinking woman's procrastination". Just hope you don't get sick or have a major power outage, because then, oh baby, you are in trouble.

  3. Awesome, Charity, now we just need to get Tal on the blogging bandwagon and we'll have everyone. I love reading about what you're up have so much excitement for life!

  4. Oh WOW Charity, your energy is boundless! Looks like you're sucking every minute out of every day to take advantage of these few last months at Wellesley. It was SOOO fun to be with you and do some sucking in ourselves! What a place! What a beautiful girl..inside and out! Amazing that you are making time to do EVERYTHING in spite of five classes! You go girl....but not TOOOO fast!
    Love you forever!

  5. P.S. I don't know how I posted as Eyrealm but you'd probably know your mom anyway!