Ok I'm trying to figure out the blog thing.

I made it back to Wellesley and have been here for the past two weeks! It was a little crazy to get everything sorted out as far as class schedule but everything has worked out really well and I have been really happy! The transition was a lot easier than I expected. As soon as I got to Wellesley I felt like I was home. It's a little weird because nothing here has really changed, but I feel like I have changed so much in the past 15 months. But it really does feel good to be back. And I am just soaking up everything that I can in the next 4 months, because by then I will be out of here for good!

I am taking five classes: travel writing, history seminar on anti-semitism, religion seminar about the abraham/isaac narrative, statistics for sociology, and physics 101. I like my classes but I have to admit I have not been doing too much schoolwork yet. I need to get on top of it because things are going to start to get really busy really fast. I am also interning two days a week at Romney for President Headquarters which is a lot of fun. I just like being in the city, right in the North End, and the other interns are pretty cool. I just make phone calls and do random stuff, but I like being involved; it's pretty cool. I am also in the Chamber Music Society, which means I just get together once a week with other musicians and we make music together! I am in two P.E. classes, which is fun, and I think I am going to do Dorm Crew again this year! This weekend I am going to New York to meet an old friend who is spending the semester in DC and next weekend we have a ward campout to Sharon, VT. I am also going to Wicked and a Red Sox game next week. October is the month of visitors: my friends Julie and Dani are coming the first and last weeks and Saren and Shawni are coming in the middle of the month. Very exciting! I am trying to live it up as much as I can but I also need to work hard! Oh, also amidst all that I will be getting a mission call!!! My papers go in October 9.

Here are some pictures from what I have been up to since I got here.

Those are from Convocation, which was on the first day of classes. As seniors we get to wear our graduation robes and do a big procession to the Amphitheater. It was really fun, and I was soaking it in since I won't be at Wellesley for graduation.

Those pictures are from when Krystal (Mormon Wellesley girl my year), Krystyna (friend from Jerusalem who is out here working for Mitt) and I went to the beach last week! It was really, really fun and the beach we found was a jewel! It was amazing.

I have also been spending a lot of time with Saydi, Jeff, Hazel and Charlie. Hazel's birthday party was off the hook, in case you guys were wondering. Those kids are SO FUN to hang out with! And Saydi and Jeff too. We had a two-night marathon viewing of the new BBC version of Jane Eyre. It is REALLY good! It was a lot of fun. I love hanging out with the Shumways and I feel so grateful to have them here!!!

On Friday night my friends and I had a little progressive party/"room crawl" so we could see where everyone else lived. There was a treat or drink at every different room. It was really fun! I have good friends. They all got a tiny bit tipsy by the end of the night, which was fun. Don't worry, my margarita in that picture is virgin! Ha!
Lastly, these pictures are from Flower Sunday, which was today! Flower Sunday is Wellesley's oldest tradition! We all get flowers for our "little sisters" and we have a wonderful inter-faith meeting. This year the ceremony was outside in the Amphitheater and it was a GORGEOUS day. I loved loved loved it. There were flowers everywhere, and Josephine shared her little sisters with me because mine is abroad. It is times like this when I love Wellesley a lot. It was a great celebration of diversity, sisterhood and friendship, beauty, and peace.

So, all's well here! Mom and Dad will be here the beginning of next week so of course we are looking forward to that. I love you all very much and hope you have a great week ahead. Aren't we so blessed to be alive? Life is so beautiful!

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  1. Wowie Zowie Char I'm so glad you are a blogger!!! I loved seeing the great pictures. Dave and I never got to "walk" for graduation either like you won't, so how great to have pictures at least of the gown. I miss you and can't wait 'til October!