It's Fall!

Finally it is starting to cool down and feel like fall in New England. The leaves are changing a little. I think they will peak right when Shawni is here. She's been praying for that for a while... thank goodness prayer works!

I am babysitting/housesitting this weekend. I am trying to be productive when these people have every DVD ever made and about 10000 satelite TV stations. The blog is good procrastination from schoolwork! I have had a fun few days with Olivia, but I am also learning a lot about patience and humility. This girl is a tad bit spoiled. I still love her to pieces, even after her complete meltdown this evening. Maybe I do deserve to browze those thousands of channels after all...
This is Olivia and I apple picking today in Northboro, a half an hour west of Wellesley. It was a beautiful drive, beautiful day, beautiful orchard with one whiney four-year-old. But really, Olivia is so darling and has been such a bright part of my life the past few years.
Had a fun slumber party with Tal at Wellesley the other night. He took it upon himself to help me get my money's worth at Wellesley by eating a ton in the dining halls. Saren and Jared and here and Shawni and Elle will be here next week. Goodness, Boston is the place to be. Especially if you consider the Red Sox. It's our year! My first and last year at Wellesley with the Sox as world series champs. It's lookin real good.
Life is beautiful and we are all so blessed! I love!


  1. I don't know how to change your address on my blog...I'll have to have Josh help me. Love you.

  2. Cute Charity! You are wonderful! I love that I have discovered your blog and we can now be blog buddies! Sorry I missed you in Boston this weekend ... it was a treat to be in your lovely city. Don't hesitate to call when you are in NYC next, I'd love to meet you anywhere or have you over for a look at Lady Liberty from our building's rooftop deck and a cookie. Love you!