Julie's Visit

My good friend Julie Engar was in town for five days and we had such a good time together! It worked out perfectly because my fall break was this Monday and Tuesday so I didn't have to worry too much about school and we got some awesome adventures in! Friday we spent at Wellesley with a night out on the town in Boston. Saturday and Sunday we explored Boston and Cambridge in between conference sessions. Monday we had some serendipitous adventures in the back roads of Southern Maine and on Tuesday we went to Newport, RI to see the immaculate and spectacular mansions on the sea. Thanks to Saydi and Jeff for letting us use the Honda! Julie left this morning and I miss her already! Here are some of the best pictures from our weekend/fall break.

Outside Tower Court

Walkin' around Lake Waban

Top of the Hub on top of the Prudential Center...
this is our amazing view and if you look closely
you can see us reflecting in the window!

Fun and fancy at Top of the Hub... we didn't
know there was a minimum charge so it was
kind of a funny experience!

This is us in Fenway Park right after Manny hit
a homer to beat the Angels in the bottom of the
9th. We snuck right past the police to get a great
view of America's favorite ball park after this big
victory. Everyone in Kenmore Square was going
totally crazy!!!

Breakfast at my favorite place on Charles Street
with my friend Krystyna

Our J.Crew-esque photo shoot
wandering the streets of Beacon Hill

This is Mr. Dunbar. We serendipitously
met him on his cobblestoned street,
Acorn Street. He claims it is the most
photographed street in the US. We loved
chatting with him on his adorable doorstep!
In the Public Gardens. It was a gorgeous day!

Shopping on Newbury Street
Trinity Church in Copley Square.
I had never been in there... it is
stunning and breathtaking!!
One of three treats we had after dinner in the
North End: gelato, canolis and cupcakes!

Walking a part of the Freedom Trail
in between Conference sessions

The Old Meeting House in the middle
of the Financial District! I love it!

Amazing, amazing, amazing sunset on the Charles

We walked along the river from Harvard all
the way to MIT and across the Harvard Bridge
to catch the bus. The sunset followed us the whole
way there, it was incredible!

By the end of our walk we had a beautiful,
sparkling view of the city... and were a little
tired and weary.
This is us driving and eating gummy lobsters
when we first crossed into Maine.
The Honda on the back roads of Maine
by a pretty cottage. We stopped a lot...
Random picture stop in York, Maine
Swings at Kennebunkport, Maine

Portland Head Light lighthouse!

I LOVED this sign on some random back road!!
Watch for reindeer!
Hiking in Bradbury State Park... gorgeous foliage!

At the top of the "mountain" (hill): this picture
does not do the amazing sweeping color array justice!
Kissing the statue of Leon Leonwood Bean (yes,
that really is his name) at the huge Flagship L.L.
Bean store in Freeport, Maine. It's open 24/7!
Ending our Maine day wandering around Portland
with hot coco. This picture is awesome because you
can really tell it's a self timer off a car. We took so
many self timer pictures!

Driving into Newport, RI over this sweet bridge.
When we got to the other side we realized we had
actually driven OUT of Newport instead of in. Oops!
Oh well, it was a really cool bridge to drive over!

In front of Marble House, the first mansion we
toured. I had no idea stuff like this existed in
America. They were incredible!!!

With a view of the Cliff Walk and the Mansions

On the balcony of the Breakers, the Vanderbuilts'
mansion that is the biggest in Newport!

Outside the Breakers

They had GORGEOUS hydrangeas all over!

Sweet sunset from Newport Harbor

Last treat: Ben&Jerry's at the waterfront!

OK so I guess I didn't realize how hard it would be to narrow pictures down. Sorry there are so many. I had such a fun fall break. Now school is hitting me square in the forehead. I have a bad case of Senioritis!!

Get your mission call guesses to me ASAP! I should have a mission call in two weeks! I am so excited!!! Life is beautiful! I love it and I love you!

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  1. Mmmmmmm I want to go to that same breakfast on Charles Street when we come. In fact, can we just do all those things you did over again? I love that I've stood in so many of those exact same places over the years. I LOVE it. Can't wait to come. Tell the leaves not to peak without us!