I have so much homework to do and schoolwork to get caught up on, but in an effort to unwind after a crazy, crazy week and month, here is an update on my beautiful life as of yet.

October has been the month of visitors, starting with Julie, then Saren and Shawni, then my friend from Jerusalem, Dani. It was such a blast to have guests, but I am so happy it's over! It feels good to be independent and not feeling like I have to entertain anyone! It was SO fun to spend time with people from out of town though; it's the perfect excuse to do all kinds of things I have been wanting to do in Boston and the area. And it is so joyful to be with people that I love so much!

For pictures of Saren's visit, Shawni's visit, and our family trip to NYC, see Saren's blog and Shawni's blog (links at right). I loved seeing my sisters and it was such a blessing to have Shanwi, Elle, and Lucy here (in addition to the Shumways) for the opening of my mission call. The trip to New York was absolutely crazy with all those kids, but it was so fun, the highlight being an awesome, thrilling, breathtaking, exhilarating trip to the top of 500 Fifth Avenue.

This weekend my friend Dani Shurtleff was here and we had such a good time exploring Wellesley, Boston, Cambridge, Belmont, Concord and Lexington. Check out the pics:

swinging on a hammock in the Wellesley woods
listening to good music

Dorm Crew practice: Dani got to come row
with us! It was a gorgeous night and I LOVE crew.

Dani's first night in Boston after enjoying perfect
North End gelato. The city was empty because
everyone was watching the Red Sox whoop the Rockies.

At Fenway experiencing the World Series from outside.
This is our friend Krystyna, also from Jerusalem.

Friday we biked the Freedom Trail!

With Paul Revere, our sweet road
bikes, and apples from Haymarket!

The view from the top of Bunker Hill Monument:
We walked up 295 stairs to see it!

The next morning exploring the woods in Belmont
in the rain with Krystyna (we slept over with her in Belmont).

After we returned out bikes, we went to Mt.
Auburn Cemetery which was in in brilliant color,
wearing the same clothes as the day before!

View from the tower at Mt. Auburn

On Sunday at the Temple in Belmont.

At Concord - awesome leaves at the Old North Bridge

Old North Bridge imagining the troops and the
"Shot Heard Round the World"

Walden Pond

Dani playing the Ukulele at Walden

On the battle road from Concord to Lexington

I am now catching up on life, which I feel is in shambles as of yet. I'm learning that life is really about trade-offs. I missed out on some cool stuff with friends from Wellesley to spend time with visitors; tomorrow I will be in class instead of at the Red Sox victory parade. But Cest La Vie. The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time. I feel so blessed and surrounded in so many good things. And there is so much to look forward to!

Life is so full and beautiful!
HOORAY FOR THE RED SOX!!!! I was the good luck charm: World Series Champs my first and last year in Boston.


  1. man char. that makes me want to be in boston...bad! love you

  2. great shots char. what a great time you are having. enjoying the passage the time is the best on the mission.

  3. Char, you an an amazing tour guide. And you look exactly like mom in that last picture. My kids were full of glee tonight when I told them about their babysitter coming up. Do you want Sense & Sensibility or Eval Almighty or what for Friday night family movie night? (Well, Max wouldn't really love the first one, but it'd be for you later). GIve me some requests because I'm turning in our netflix requests tomorrow. Love ya!

  4. WOW Charity! I feels so good to see these fabulous pictures and realize how amazing you are at seizing the day! We are going to miss that Wellesley and your exuberant presence there! Sure love you!

  5. good job helping the sox win!
    Char, what great adventures!! We need to get back there soon. we'll be there the weekend of the 6th.

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