Descending Autumn

This picture doesn't do the view from the Campus Center any justice. I can't believe how beautiful Wellesley is right now to me - I don't know if it's the descending autumn light or the increasingly nostalgic light in my eyes that I have for this place. I am starting to freak out about graduation: four weeks from now I will be a college grad. EEEEEK!

I am just getting ready to go home for Thanksgiving and I am super excited. A few fun things have happened lately around here at Swellesley, including a sleepover with Hazel, the "holiday gala" at the church (pictures below), as well as a Wellesley LDSSA dinner at the Thompson's (awesome bishopric couple) and a banana boat reunion for all the girls that lived in Stone-Davis our first year at Wellesley (pictures to come).

I also had the opportunity to go on splits with the sister missionaries here in Boston! Life is good! I am enjoying being here and all the wonderful beautiful parts of my life... for my whole life will change quite dramatically come January 17th. Less than 2 months and I will be a missionary! I sent in my acceptance letter last week and here's what it said:

"I humbly and with all my soul accept this call to serve as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am grateful for this sacred opportunity to turn my life over to the Lord in serving His children in the England London South Mission.

"I have had a desire to serve a mission my entire life, and in this call I very much feel fulfillment of a true dream. I am learning more and more each day that the mission requires sincere sacrifice, faith, submission, endurance and love. I feel blessed to have the privilege and honor to develop these Christlike attributes through hard work as an official representative of the Church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

"In the sublime spiritual experiences of my life I have felt 'to sing the song of redeeming love,' and I am passionate about sharing the gospel message of exquisite happiness, peace and charity.

"With joy I accept this call and dedicate my heart, might, mind, and soul to the work."

I am so excited!


  1. YES! I am the first comment! You are really soaking it in. I can't believe you only have four weeks until Gumptuation!
    You are just beaming in all those pictures. What a joyous time of life!!!! Can't wait to see you soon,

  2. HEY CHI CHI, gorgeous pictures and great inspirational stuff. I'm so excited for you and this big deal part of your life. You are going to be one powerful (and hot) missionary. Sure love you.

  3. Charity, You are one amazing girl. It sounds you are ceasing everyday over there. Too bad we don't get to see you soon. Are you sure you want to head west?