Home is Where the Heart Is

I had a truly great time last week in Phx with six of my nine siblings, ten of my sixteen nieces and nephews, and one brother's girlfriend. We had a lot of fun and happiness. But the best part of Thanksgiving break might have been just being in my hometown for the 1.5 days I was there. I love Salt Lake more every time I go home. There's something about that place, about being home that warms my heart like nothing else can.

In addition to family time and Thanksgiving at the new house in Summit Park, I got to see some of my dearest friends in the world in my 40 hours on the Wasatch Front.

Three Sister Missionaries from the Jerusalem Center Winter 2007:
Jane's going to Toronto, Jill to Dallas, and Charity to London!
The first thing I did when I got home was go
see Janey right after she opened her call!
I am SO EXCITED to be on the mission with these girls!!!

In the hood with Cath and Mal!

Seeing Abs and the ring. When I'm with Abby I feel so much love
that I can nearly forgive her for getting
married while I am on the mission!

And this isn't at home: Jane and I had lunch together
in Phoenix! So fun... and when I'm with my BFF,
I am home.


  1. how in the world do you ever keep up with all yoru friends? Seriously! I would love to see you while you are in NYC on the 8th and 9th, Dan's sister Kathryn will be here those days too but I'll chat wiht Kristi and maybe we could all go get hot chocolate or something. Atleast try to come to our ward on Sunday so we can see you!

  2. 1.5 days! That is definatly not enough time. When will you be home next? I'd love to see you! I love your cute blog, you are great my friend!

  3. Charity, my love! Sounds like you had a wonderful thanksgiving. I totally agree with you on loving salt lake more each time you go home . . . sometimes I want to cry just thinking about how much I love all the people and memories there. I totally want to see you when you come to NYC if you have time this weekend. Let's chat when you know your plans & we figure out ours. Love you!