I have officially been sucked into the blogging world. Oh dear! I cannot believe the connections I have made following links from people's blogs. The world wide web really is wide. And there are some beautiful design blogs out there. Sheesh I need to stop browsing so much but it's addicting!

There's like this whole blog culture, it's weird!

So I have become familiar with the practice of "tagging" on blogs (in my wild adventures of jumping from link to link to link until I find out the kid I had a crush on in Elementary School is now married, etc). I was wondering when I was going to get tagged. Lizzie H. finally got me and I feel like I am being initiated into the interconnected blogging world beyond updates to the family. I have debated whether or not I should reply to Lizzie's "YOU'RE IT!" I mean, I secretly kind of want to, but I also don't want to label myself as a true "blogger" (remember when that word was super derogatoryily nerdy??). Also, I feel kind of weird because I think there is this unwritten law (especially among Mormons) that you get a blog when, and only when, you are married.

So, here's my disclaimer before I do in fact succumb and reply to the taggage.
1) I am not married and I have a blog.
2) Yes, I do have better things to do than blog (the word has become a verb, wow). A lot, actually... I am graduating from college in five weeks and leaving on a mission four weeks after that.
3) I am okay with numbers 1 and 2. Because blogging (now it's a gerund) is a good buffer in my life sometimes. A good outlet. A good reflection on the things I'm doing and the life I'm living. I just need to limit myself so it doesn't take up too much of my now-more-than-ever precious time. I am a guilty blogger (another invented noun form -- I can just see myself in 15 years telling my kids that I was a young adult when blogs became big and they're looking at me like I am incredibly old and have just dated myself significantly).

And we're good to go! Here are six things about me (apparently this is the exercise of this brand of tagging).

1) I am a journal keeper (and now - by extension? - a blogger). I love reading old journals of mine, and I have them all lined up chronologically in my bedroom closet at home. Every time I go home to Salt Lake, without fail, I have one night where I stay up into the wee hours reflecting on my past reflections. Everytime I do this I am incredibly determined to be a better person and to love life more. I always fall short of my wild hopes and expectations of exuberance and passion, but I think I get a little better at living life well each time I reminisce.

2) I have a secret love of English grammar rules (maybe this came out a little in this post with all the part of speech nonsense). I took an English Language class at BYU and loved it... I wish I could just learn all the rules in grammar. It drives me batty when people use the wrong form of they're/their/there, but the WORST is when people us apostrophes every single time they add an s to a word. People do this often with their last name. We are the Eyre's. What? Nothing belongs to Eyre in that sentence. I'm pretty sure it should be Eyres. Anyway...

3) I just heard about these around the world plane tickets that you can buy. One price and you can make as many stops as you want as long as you continue in a path around the world (east to west or west to east all the way around the 240,000 miles). I'm doing it. Sometime in my life (before I have kids) I am saving money for months and then packing a backpack and going around the world. With a friend, with my husband, or by myself, it's happening. My top five countries to visit along the way would be Brazil, Switzerland, India, China, and New Zealand.

4) I love museums and museum stores. My favorite museum in the world is the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. I haven't been there for a while - man, I need to go again. Other goodies are the Muse d'Orsay in Paris and the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum here in Boston. The Saturday after Thanksgiving I am planning on taking a solitary trip to the MFA in Boston (Wellesley Students get in free - yes!) with my ipod. There is nothing better than wandering around there with music in your ears. Sometimes (okay lots of times) I wish my major was art history. I took the coolest class at NYU on Contemporary Art and the best class of my life here at Wellesley on the History of Photography. Museum stores - the all time best is of course at the BYU Museum of Art! I LOVED working there.

5) In class I like to doodle and mostly I draw poppies like the ones all over in Israel. I have pages in my notebook full of them. I also like to write down the full names of everyone in my family. I don't know where that came from but for some reason it is incredibly satisfying.

6) I was on Oprah once, when I was six. That is what I tell anyone when they ask me for a unique fact about myself for those games you play at FHE and the like. So anyone who reads this already knew that, but it was the only thing I could think of to finish up these "unique facts about me."

This post is inordinately long. Sick -- I should be sleeping or studying for Econ 103. Oh well, it's a good "buffer," right? Gotta love this blog blog blog blog world!


  1. I HATE it when people add apostrophes! I can't even write about it anymore, it's making me sick. Wow, I learned a lot about you Chee. Or Chai? And its cool that you are single and you blog. Don't you think it should be spelled blawg? That would assure that people don't say "blowg". It could be said either way, and it would be great to clear it up once and for all.

  2. I'm so glad you're a blogger Cheech. I'm totally with you on the apostrophes too, and now I'm so glad we know who to call when we can't figure out all the prepositional phrase junk Max is doing in school right now. I can't remember all that stuff. Claire's sitting her on my lap and wants you to know she can now trace her name. Very proud of herself. Love you.

  3. Cute post! Thanks for playing along :) I totally hear you on the blog surfing and then realizing you DO have better things to be doing! Another guilty confession . . . I just jumped on the High School Musical train that is sweeping the nation. My neice Sadie wanted to watch it last weekend and now I can't get the vision of dancing down the halls of EHS out of my head! It's hilarious!

  4. WOW! Charity, I learned things I didn't know about you (and it wasn't the bit about writing down the family names. You've been doing that "in full" ever since you learned to write! You may have Grandma's Ruthie's passion for correct Grammar! Very interesting!

    Sure love you and especially the letter of acceptance that you sent. It was spectacular and full of gumption!

    Love forever,

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