Sunset on the Sea of Galilee.

The last couple of nights I have had a really hard time falling asleep. There are so many things racing through my head as I approach my last five weeks in Boston, at Wellesley, in college, and before the mission. Tonight I sobbed in my bed thinking about leaving this place and reminiscing on all the wonderful experiences that I have had in my life that have led me to this place. And tonight I feel like just a passionate girl on the brink of a new life, marveling at its past sparkle and the evident, glorious hand of the Lord in blessing me.

So I choose randomly some pictures from my hard drive to remind me of how blessed, happy and beautiful my life has been, to help me clear my mind so I can fall asleep. The best part is that there are so many more good things to come in life and I have so much wonder to look forward to, especially in the next few months!

These ended up in a really random order, but they all make me so happy!

Wellesley girls at the Waltz n Smaltz.


Two of my best friends at the Great Salt Lake.

Such good friends in Park City scoping out celebs.

In our penthouse in New York City; Spring Break 2004.

In the Boston public gardens with my Catherine.

And in Paris with Cath!

I loved those thunderstorms in D.C. ...

Seriously, it is so fun. Not even scary!

From Jerusalem to Snowbird.

Dorm Crew!!! This is what made me love Wellesley when I was homesick out of my mind.

My birthday on board the Desert Sun... Senior Trip in Powell.

Picking up Eli in Japan!

End of my BYU semester and one of the most magical nights of
my life... after the MoTab Christmas concert with beloved roomies and friends.

Living with my best friend in New York City! ... At Washington Square
right down the street from our sweet pad in the village.

Enjoying Wellesley friends and traditions and dancing.

BYU roommates; the best girls I know.

Just checking out Ankor Watt in Cambodia with my brother!

In the district... such a stinking fun summer.

Last time at the Jackson Condo... I LOVE this place.

Miff and I... friends from birth and finally roommates in Provo.

Rise and Shout the Cougars are out! Gotta love BYU football...
we stormed the field when the Cougars won the conference!

One of the most beautiful and wonderful things I have ever been
involved with: East High Dance Company. Saltatrix for life!

Graduation from High School. Gotta love that Anne Applegate.
I loved High School. I am undoubtedly sobbing in this picture.

Sunset hike in the hills of Santorini, Greece.

The best people I know in my second favorite place on this planet
(the Jerusalem Center is number one).

I guess I decided to love BYU.

Ok, so Damon is a coward... but the 2004 Red Sox World Series
Victory Parade was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life.

Sisters' Weekend in Boston: at Mt. Auburn Cemetary.

Sangalaki (remote Island in Indonesia).

This was one of the happiest days of my life.
Coming home for Thanksgiving my first year at college.

The singles on Christmas morning. Don't you love those toys Mom
(err, Santa) puts in our stockings??

Primal scream at Midnight Breakfast. Wellesley during finals is angsty.

I like that we are all either kissing someone in this picture (what
we were supposed to be doing) or looking confused.

Tulips in the Public Gardens before Art in Bloom! I love Boston!

Ah, there's my favorite place in the world:
at the Jerusalem Center with Elder Holland.

Isn't life beautiful? I am SO determined to live this life so well in the next few weeks, and to be the girl I have always dreamed of being!


  1. those are beauty pics cheech. get excited about your next fun phase of life!!!! Post college is WAY better than college...but the best is elementary school, so its all downhill from that. Enjoy these last few months--in 40 days, you won't have to write anymore 5/10/15/20 page essays!

  2. Now THOSE are some great pictures. You are one lucky gal. LOVE you!

  3. you are the best char. you leave an impact wherever you go and on whomever you meet. man whoever knows you is lucky...myself included. and i get to be your bro.

  4. What a dreamy life. You are fabulous. Now -- You're it! We've tagged you. See our blog for examples, but the game is to post 6 perhaps unknown and interesting facts about YOU. Have fun! Love you.

  5. You are so amazing. In the last four years I think you have traveled as much as I have in my whole life. What adventures! It can be exciting and scary entering a new phase of life, but if i know you, no matter where you are you make the most of every minute. YOu will be an amazing missionary!

  6. WOW Charity. What an amazing life you've lived...and you're just getting starting! Truly how incredibly blessed by the hand of the Lord your life has been. Seeing all that together somehow brings that truth to focus!

    Sure love you,