The day before I left for Thanksgiving the heavens graced Wellesley with its first snow. I was giddy with delight to see white fluffies swirling in the air on my way home from P.E. The whole day I was giddy with snow happiness. It didn't stick much but it sure was magical. I ran downstairs after it started really coming down and twirled in the courtyard and wrote in my journal by the lake. I walked around campus and then I sat in my window seat and read as the snow flitted down into the courtyard behind Tower Court -- enchanting.

I am dying to see more snow. There better be a huge storm before I leave Wellesley for good. I love this place in white. This is a perfect time in my life to enjoy snow. So it should snow already! But look at the disheartening forecast: -- Good thing the weatherman is always wrong!

Forecast for Wellesley, MA

10-Day Forecast

High /
Low (°F)
Precip. %
Nov 29
Few Showers 49°/28° 30 %
Nov 30
Partly Cloudy 40°/25° 10 %
Dec 01
Partly Cloudy 32°/19° 10 %
Dec 02
Mostly Cloudy 34°/31° 10 %
Dec 03
Showers 46°/22° 40 %
Dec 04
Partly Cloudy / Wind 35°/20° 10 %
Dec 05
Mostly Sunny 37°/25° 10 %
Dec 06
Sunny 37°/25° 10 %
Dec 07
Mostly Cloudy 38°/28° 10 %

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