I just took the last test of my Wellesley career! I totally kicked butt on my physics and statistics tests today. Well, maybe it wasn't butt-kicking but it was still triumphant. Now I just have two papers to write and some editing to do on older work.

Life is good. I love Wellesley and I love school. It snowed perfect sugar-y sparkly snow yesterday - we got almost a foot of pure happiness. Campus is delightfully white and charming. The only bad thing about it is that I lost my wallet sledding down Severance Green on a dining hall tray. I'm trying to figure out how to get on the plane in four days without ID. EEK!

More blogging to come after said papers are done.

Pics from our temple weekend in Boston and New York, and some end of the semester fun:


  1. nice lamppost! i'm so excited for you. what a crazy-as exciting month december 07 is for you!

  2. Cool stuff, Char...GOOD LUCK with everything. You're glowing through all the tough stuff. Love you.