spring fever

in india, the crazy place which i recently called home, the arrival of spring warrants a big, huge celebration. the indians are so excited, in fact, that they sing, dance, and throw colored water and powder at each other in a yearly festival of pure exuberance. dani, sara and i got to experience all the "holi" hoopla twice - once in delhi and once in spanish fork.

well, i don't blame the hare krishnas for being so thrilled; the coming of spring really is an enchanting little phenomenon. the gorgeous weather of the last few days has magically turned me from sulky to smiley. i feel like i have made an almost 180 degree turn back into being wildly passionate about being alive. dear pretty blossoms, green leaf buds and sparkling sunshine, thanks for that!

on saturday we went up provo canyon and piled in dani's truck for a little cruise around in the mountains that were just waking up for spring. it was delightful.

at work i've enjoyed spending time with the girls out in the sunshine. we've had dinner outside on the grass, a wicked kick-ball game in the field for rec. therapy, and have probably spent a little too much time squeeling on the awesome rope swing that juts out over the pool. on sunday night we were out there, surrounded in mountains and laughter, as the sun was setting and all the world around us was perfect and happy. i love my girls at work. they teach me so much.

on monday i went to work with sara on campus and after we ran into some friends we spent a few hours just sitting in the grass under the balmy sun. it was glorious. i am soaking up being in a time of life where i can just sit on the grass with friends for hours on end and let my worries get swept up in the magic of new spring. campus is blossoming like crazy and it is really, really beautiful.

and this morning i got to go with my dear dear friend and old mission companion brianna (i am still weirded out by calling her by her first name...) to the salt lake temple. our mission president was just ordained as a sealer and it was so exquisitely wonderful to perform sealings with him this morning. i felt heavy peace in the house of the lord and am so grateful for that.

yes, indeed, the arrival of spring is delightfully bewitching. i feel effervescent with warm-weather giddiness this morning. adding to the joy is this announcement that came yesterday: my brother and sister-in-law welcomed a new baby boy to their family.
welcome to the world, little jacobson! hooray!


  1. Yay! I am so happy to hear that you are feeling passionate about life again! Hasn't the warm weather been magical? Except for the rain/snow the past couple of days, but I'll take it if it keeps the pretty flowers healthy!

  2. Even though we talk often, reading your thoughts just never ceases to amaze me. You have a wonderful mind and a spirit to match!