from sea to shining sea

i am sitting in a sugarhouse coffee shop listening to live bluegrass music, having just finished off my mint steamer and it is raining outside. i feel like a hipster but conscious of my identity as not quite one. it's cool here, it feels good to be back in utah, i really like salt lake, i am travel-worn and weary, but determined as ever to be great.

my jaunt from coast to coast was enlightening and grueling in some ways. the last few months i have accidentally but both consciously and subconsciously become quite insecure and i feel like all my weaknesses came to a forefront on this trip. i learned a lot about myself and others and life and tried to soak it all in and appreciate the growth that seemed to come at such inopportune timing. but cest la vie, and you know what? i love la vie.

the winner in the city-to-be-charity's-future-home contest has to be gorgeous san fran. my heart is tugging me there, so i'm going to go. run, leap, and live. mid-july. start a new life.

being in the district did bring lots of fond memories and glowing feelings of patriotism and liveliness and i was enchanted all over again by the dazzle of new york city. one day i will move back to new york, but i just feel like that day isn't right about now.

i spent time with some of my favourite people in the whole wide world in those past 11 days of adventure, and i feel so very grateful to know and love them. jane, josephine, dani, sara, keri, eli, julie, noah, kristi, mckay, lyla, and new little jacobson. i am blessed.

now back to life here - it will be different, but i am certain to make it fabulous.

more to come about magical moments from sea to shining sea.


  1. Love it Char. Skype or email us so we can tell you about our friends in the Bay Area.

  2. I'm just a random stranger who found your blog via Shawni's blog, but I've enjoyed reading your thoughts on your current life and your hopes for the future. I'll also be making a huge, wonderful life transition in mid-July, so the words "run, leap, and live" really jumped out at me. They're full of such energy and hope. Thanks for the inspiring words!

  3. Congrats Charity. San Fran is lucky to have you!!

  4. So fun to read this! Really, you gotta show me how to do pictures better. They are so sparkly. Maybe that's because you are sparkly, but there's got to be a little more to it than that!

  5. CHARITY! I just found your blog! You look like you are having so much fun! And I LOVE your use of the word jaunt. Good old Mrs. Smith. I hope all is well and have fun in San Fran!

  6. We are so excited that you will be near by! Can we help you move in?!!