i have really cool friends

i brought some dear, extraordinary, wonderful friends up to my favourite place on earth this weekend and it was absolutely delightful.

the highlight of the trip to bear lake for me was our awesome bonfire on the beach under the stars. after enjoying delicious tinfoil dinners and ash cakes, we made some rad music. there is nothing like providing back-up percussion of some kind or another for the amazingly talented, gorgeous kara henderson.

i like these people so much. life is sweet.


  1. LOVED seeing this! It was such great entertainment on Sunday night too! Tell everyone thanks for leaving everything so nice. It wss such a pleasure to meet all these great people!

  2. i really like the "1-2-3" part by you. i thinketh this movie needs more charity.

  3. I found your cute blog on your FB page! I am in love with your BL camp fire night! We need to recreate that scene here at Ocean Beach. That song was really fun.