sometimes i dream of starting a new life

...usually that dream takes place here:

i am in san fran feeling things out. this city is magic; i felt it in my bones from the minute i stepped outside the airport. but i'm still deciding if it is the place for me.

in the next 10 days i will also visit d.c. and new york with a prayer in my heart to know if i belong there, instead? we shall see...

the city girl in me is smiling, and i love seeing how different people live their lives. i feel this spine-chilling thrill at the prospect of taking a leap of faith into the unknown and starting a new life for myself.


  1. way to go girl! Have fun! I am sure you will make the best of where ever you go!

  2. oh man. wish that city loving feeling was sending you up here to portland or seattle.
    good luck in the searches!

  3. How about Panama City, Florida? I just moved there (here) last week.

  4. Wherever you go, you know I will follow you and come visit (if history is an accurate predictor of the future, that is...)

  5. I heart San Fran. It was my first big city trip & it changed my life.

    Can't wait to see you in NYC! What are your plans?

  6. Go for it! I have not a doubt in the the world that you can do it! But how about just considering it a continuation of your old life which is pretty darn good! We're ready to cheer you on!