sparkly moments from coast to coast

it was an epic soul-searching adventure...
here are some images of magical moments along the merry way...

enjoying the warm hippie atmosphere at the embarcadero farmer's market with my bffffff to the f on the glorious morning of her engagement. i woke up that morning with a delightful flock of butterflies in my stomach knowing that i knew something that she didn't, something really fantastic (the fact that this was the day she was going to get engaged!)

lots of moments wandering around san fransisco by myself being smitten by the city and feeling a tugging at my heart. i loved exploring on my own coming around bends to behold interesting and gorgeous sights that took my breath away.

a monday morning breakfast with my bestie at dottie's. it was worth the hour long wait. for reals.

waiting up for jane to get home and squeeling on the couch over the proposal. this was probably the most sparkly moment of the trip. i mean, look at that ring!

meeting up with my dear, dear friend josephine and reconnecting after almost 2.5 years of separation. soaking in the bay bridge and the sun. i love this girl.

riding bikes through golden gate park - letting the wind rush through my hair as we peddled to ocean beach through perfect, lush california landscape.

watching the sun slip under the horizon at baker beach. look at that happy couple.

reconnecting with old friends and loving the view of the ggb as the sun said goodnight.

sunday dinner all fancy and scrumptious in pacific heights.

on to d.c. and an enchanting night monument walk with my dani!

performing sealings at the d.c. temple and feeling the heavy peace of the assurance of god's awareness of and love for me.

meeting up with dear sara! and going to the top of the post office tower for stellar views of the district.

finding this hidden and splendid world war one memorial hidden in the trees lining the reflecting pool on the mall and thinking about all those who gave their lives for freedom.

paddle boating in the glittering tidal basin under the balmy sun.

taking a dozen self-timer jumping pics in front of the u.s. capitol while tour groups with matching t-shirts passed us all around with curious looks on their faces.

seeing my brother and sister-in-law's uber-cool apartment, having a bbq on their roof overlooking the capitol and then walking down the street to the nationals game, where we just happened to see...
thomas jefferson! who happens to be a nats fan.

checking out the national archives and the national gallery's sculpture garden on a perfectly glorious day in the nation's capital.

exploring the majestic library of congress.

and on to nyc and feeling the ocean air mixed with the magic of the best city on earth breeze our cheeks and hair on the ever-delightful staten island ferry.
did i mention how much i love these three women? aren't they pretty?

admiring the view from the rooftop of the metropolitan museum of art after appreciating creative genius and extreme beauty created by the mind and hand of man.

being dazzled by the city lights on a perfect sunset walk across the brooklyn bridge.

and admiring the view from the other side, our senses inundated with the allure and charm of nyc.

swooshing some awesome rental bikes through the paths of central park. thrilling and exhilarating, especially when sweeping over the big signs that say "no bikes on paths." how can we not?

meeting my brand new nephew, jacobson scott eyre! and hanging out with noah, kristi, mckay and lyla. we stayed up late sunday night laughing ourselves to tears.

one of my favourite places on earth - the tippy top of our legendary building. the view is otherworldly and spectacular, and the journey to the top is exhilarating beyond belief!

three of the best cities on earth and an excellent collection of sparkly moments.
what a fantastic adventure.


  1. I love all the pics AND the new layout. Awesome!!!!

  2. but it was really was a great trip....

  3. Wow Charity, your trip looked amazing!!! so glad I found you on here and got to hear all about it! Your photos are brilliant and you got to see 3 of my very favourite places in the states too! I can't believe you have decided you are moving to San lucky are you!! getting to walk past those cute little ice cream houses each day...I'm jealous! Hope it all works out fantastically for you! xxx

  4. I love you! I love reading your blog and seeing all the AMAZING things you do. You are so amazing Charity.

  5. So much fun from sea to shining sea. Next time, get Florida on your list!!

  6. What a trip! Very sparkly indeed - so fun you got to be with Jane on her engagement day!

  7. i LOVE this post. you are the best writer. i love seeing your pictures from dc & ny. thanks for making my engagement so special. you were the KEY player! i can't wait for our adventures that lie ahead. you are gorgeous & know that i love you dearly. p.s. cheers to scrubs @ the embarcadero...i was fresh off the operating table. remember?

  8. My VERY favorite picture is the one with your arms outstretched at the Washington Monument. It's kind of the story of your life! And now you're stretching out to the next adventure! YOU are a monument to "exuberance is beauty"!