birthday girls

well, another june 12 has come and gone and i can't believe i am 24! crazy how life keeps going - and sometimes i really dislike growing up.

but i did love celebrating being born and being alive with a lot of people that i love very dearly. last monday lisa hosted an incredible birthday dinner for me and miffy and megan (whose b-day was on the 4). we ate out on the porch and it was magical with the sunset and twinkle lights.

it is tradition in megan's family that the birthday girl/boy take a bite right out of the cake! thanks cath for the from-scratch absolutely heavenly goodness!

on my actual birthday, i ran in a 10 mile race! i have been looking forward to and training for this for a while, and doing it was so, so exhilarating! the course was stunningly beautiful down south fork and provo canyons and the weather was perfect in its chilliness. as i ran i felt so brilliantly alive and so triumphant as i sprinted the last few yards and over the finish line.

i am so blessed to share my birthday with my oldest and one of my very dearest friends, miffy. after i came back from the race, we had fun going to the farmer's market, watching the world cup, eating at pizza factory (where they give you a free pizza on your birthday shaped like the number of how old you are turning!), and going to the temple. we also got to go to dinner with my mom, dad and sweet niece lucy.

megan made us an amazing cake (and lisa made the icing!) and miff and i blew out the candles together like we have many other years celebrating our mutual birthday. it was great to be surrounded in friends and sweets.

i love being alive and i'm grateful for another year to explore, discover, learn and enjoy. it was a happy birthday indeed.


  1. How fun to see all this! Since all your siblings are gone, I'm SO glad that there's someone to fill in! We loved our dinner with you and having Miffy and Lucy with us as well. I'll post that right now!

  2. i am amazed that you are staying in such close contact with so many friends. that is a huge task

  3. oh man. i've been replaced by lots of really cute girls. LOVE you! and them...

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARITY!! Looks like quite the party. Love those girls.

  5. Happy, happy birthday!

    So fun to see you and Miffy together. Ah! Good memories of a fun summer.

  6. Happy day Char.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Congrats on 10 miles! That's more than the fun run!