some things are worth all the hype

for example:

-the taj mahal
-games at fenway park
-the twilight series (i'm kidding...kind of)
-zac efron
-the mission

this weekend i added something else to the list: THE GRAND CANYON. they were seriously not kidding when they said grand. i would also like to add thrilling, majestic, stunning, magnificent, breathtaking, incredible and awesome. as in left in awe.

god is a genius. it was a delight to see his handiwork from provo to jacob lake to lake powell and horseshoe bend to cathedral wash to the flipping grand canyon and back again.

I LOVE THE EARTH and i love being alive.


  1. What a fun trip! I absolutely love the Grand Canyon & will never forget the first moment I saw it. I remember my parents eagerly waking me up from the back of a crowded mini-van after a long car trip & taking me over to the view point before we all headed into the hotel (I was the only kid who hadn't seen it yet). It was marvelous indeed.

    Also I love your list of things that are worth the hype. I would like to add The Eiffel Tower to that list, as well as NYC.

    Love you Charity!

  2. So THIS is what you were up to over the weekend eh? Looks so fun!!!! Let's play soon.

  3. what a great life you are living chester.

    nice to hear about your adventure

  4. Did you dye your hair black again??? Pretty great pictures!

  5. so true!! the grand canyon is beautiful. It is next on my "trip list", I think we forget how close it is to home and how majestic it is! Looks like you're having a blast, way to go lady.