i like my family so much

the past week at our favourite place on earth has been positively heavenly.

moments i have extremely enjoyed:
-feeling the glow of family love and a beach bonfire at sunset, then dancing and belting out taylor swift's "love story" with my neices
-being positively exhilarated by my first waterski of the year
-swooping on the bloomington lake rope swing into water so freezing it made all my cells yell
-soaking in the spirit as we sat in a circle on the grass under the trees outside the church
-having a huge dance party at the lighthouse with everyone jamming out to chris brown's "forever"
-riding the "big mama" tube behind the boat with nieces and squealing with delight
-laughing to tears during game night
-sitting in the hot tub talking under the stars with my best friends in the world
-witnessing the powerful blessing of my newest nephew jacobson
-going for a run in the pouring rain with my sisters
-smiles overcoming my face watching the kids play
-competing in the annual beach relay race
-good talks, wicked pretty sunsets, hugs and kisses, glowing hearts, feeling deep love

i am so blessed!


  1. The thing I like most about your family reunions (not that I've ever been or even know what I'm talking about) is the family photo. You can tell a good family by how great they look in their photo!

  2. definitely the best family picture yet!

  3. You forgot to mention that you were the crafter of all that goodness since you and Jeff were in charge of the reunion this year. SOOO fun! Memories to treasure up until next year!

  4. YIKES! I thought I was reading Saydi's blog since that is what I clicked on! I thought, "Wow, this girl is really a writer." Your turn is coming. Love you ever more!