there is a beautiful chapter of my life set in provo, utah

... and the chapter just ended.

a few times in the past few weeks as i've driven home from work north on the i15 at 11pm, i have found myself stunned with the beauty of the town of provo in the shadow of the majestic mountains. my fingertips have tingled as flashes of memories and discoveries i experienced in this place have shimmered through my heart.

just the other day i thought to myself in some sort of epiphany-moment - "dang! i really, really love provo!"

it's an intriguing place, that's for sure, and everyone has their opinions and/or jokes about it, which i admittedly find amusing. but the bottom line for me is that provo, utah is a fantastic locale. i spent a semester there, then a summer, and now just left behind 8 months of living and learning in happy valley. and today i feel so grateful to good ol' p-town.

it was there that i figured out so much of who i am and who i want to be.
it was there that i learned what being in love really is.
it was there that i had dozens of glorious, fun adventures - some of the best times of my life.
it was there that i made and/or developed some of the best friendships in the world.
it was there that i realized a bit of how to be resilient when my heart was broken or my spirit was dark.
it was there that i had so so many perfect, magical moments soaking in the beauty of the earth and of life - moments when i want to burst out of my skin with real joy.
it was there that i strengthened my convictions and testimony of what is real, important, sacred and eternal.
it was there that i learned about compassion, independence, affliction, empathy, hope, passion, and real love.
i have so many valuable memories there; that place and the lessons learned there have been imprinted on my heart; and for the past while it really, really has been the perfect setting for the story of my life.

so, dear provo, here's to you! thanks for everything.


  1. What an amazing way you have of expressing the feelings of your heart! I'm so happy that Provo turned out to be such an enormous blessing!

    And now....upward and onward!

  2. Oh charity. provo misses you too. but you are brave to move on.