yesterday marks one year

sometimes, i can see myself in my mind's eye, walking down a bricked high street in england, stopping strangers mid-step and telling them god loves them with fire in my heart and in my eyes. i can see the figure of my body from above and i am glowing - there is a haze of yellow light around.

i loved the mission so excruciatingly much, and yesterday as i sat on the bear lake beach and thought about how exactly a year had gone by since my full-time service ended, i ached to glow like that again.

i will forever be remarkably grateful that i served a mission, and that i gave the work my whole, whole, whole heart.

it has been a crazy, wonderful year. wildly fantastic highs and the lowest of lows - divinely orchestrated, no doubt. now i have another year ahead, and a new opportunity to be triumphant in what i became as a missionary.

there is nothing like the mission. oh, how i miss it!

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