i've heard this quote 10 times in the last 2 days: "the coldest winter i ever saw was the summer i spent in san francisco" -mark twain.

clearly mark had never spent a winter in boston or southern england, but still, the man has a point.

it is foggy and frigid in the city.

i live in san francisco.

my house is in an uber cool neighborhood, has stained glass windows, a bright yellow vinyl couch, hardwood floors throughout and pretty vintage doorknobs.

two of my roommates are boys - that's a new one! my roommates are hardly ever home. most of them are super artsy.

i can see the ocean from my bedroom window.

my bathroom is tiled in all vivid purple and the floor of the shower is tiled in a burgundy flowery design. i think that's my favourite thing about the house.

the hill i live on is steep.

at the bottom of said hill is ocean avenue, lined with shops. this morning i took a run down there and happened upon a great little mediterrean sandwich shop. the owner called every customer "my friend" in his middle eastern accent and had a 100-watt smile.

i've spent all but a few hours since i've been here sitting on my air mattress with my computer working on the job hunt.

i'm already finding starting this new life to be socially exhausting, but it's good.

i drove across the bay bridge the other day to go to ikea and my spirit almost leaped out of my skin with the thrill of watching the san francisco skyline flutter by and thinking "this is my city. this is my home."

the evenings i have spent in palo alto with anita and new friends have been delightful.

i live in the same city as my best friend again and that feels good.

this place is so unlike anywhere i have ever lived before.

people are good. i am so grateful for their willingness to help.

the city girl inside me is loving the feeling of metropolis. the social girl inside me feels a little lonely and is anxious to meet more people when the weekend comes, while the independent girl inside me is actually reveling in freedom of schedule and attachments.

mostly, the sky is gray and my mind is foggy.

but my heart is bright, anticipating many glorious things to come.

yes, san fran is the perfect setting for the next chapter of the story of my life. may it be a great read.


  1. I forwarded your email to my BEST FRIEND Angelina and she said she called you. She lives in Palo Alto and she is fantastic! She got her degree from BYU in public health and now works at an AIDS clinic. You should definitely be friends! Tyler has never been to SF and I am dying to take him there. Now I have two beautiful friends to visit there! We will probably come out next spring... with the baby! haha so weird. Well I am so happy and excited for you, and I know that everything will work out PERFECTLY because you are following your heart and the Spirit and Heavenly Father will always bless you for that. I love you!

  2. great post cheech as always. can't wait to come visit you!
    let us know if we can help out...

  3. Are you going to explain the 2 boy roommate thing?

  4. Brilliant post you valiant and brave person! I love your adventuresome spirit and for what I know is ahead, although we can't know the details yet. It's just all good. And so are you!

  5. sounds like a dream. wish i was there with you for this adventure! i love you lady!

  6. keep writing
    1. it fills me in and fills me up
    2. its one of your gifts

  7. Loved this post. Good luck on the adventure!