it's a miracle!

...the sun came out in san francisco.

on saturday i met up for brunch with two of my dear friends from wellesley, josephine and ellen. it was so good to reconnect and enjoy yummy food and right as we were paying the bill, the clouds parted and a glorious beam of sunshine landed right smack dab on our table!

we decided to revel in the blue sky by getting bread pudding at tartine (san fran's equivalent of nyc's magnolia bakery?) and hanging out on the grass at dolores park. we chatted and people watched and enjoyed the general merriment of the atmosphere.

hurrah! hurrah! the sun came out!

on my way home as i drove up a (very san francisco) steep windy hill, i caught a glimpse in my rear-view mirror of the incredible view behind me. i immediately pulled over, parked, ran across the street, and squealed to myself at the beauty of the sight. it's the first time since i've been here that i've had a clear view of the bay. it was literally breathtaking - and the picture just doesn't do it justice.

in other news, i have a cankle (as in calf that blends into ankle, making a tree-trunk leg). yes that's right, and just one. i cut my leg and it got infected and apparently the infection spread and my body sent lots of blood to my ankle and foot to try to fight it off. it really freaked me out at first but now i mostly find the lopsidedness of my feet to be very amusing. i'm on antibiotics and hoping the swelling will go down soon! bazaar. but an interesting story from my first days in sf, right?

a sunny, effulgent day in the city (oh, and the bread pudding) just convinced me that the sweet definitely outweighs the sour in this roller-coaster of a new life i've started.


  1. Hi Charity, I found your blog from visiting your parents(who have been a great help to me) and your sisters blogs and I just have to tell you that I love your zest for life! Thanks for your great example and faith. I find it very catching. Good things are definately on the horizon for you. I hope you don't mind if I pop in now and then to see what life brings you:)

    kati in Oregon

  2. glad that cankle is going down,
    and LOVE the Bay!

  3. I'm so glad that you didn't show the actual cut! It would have been as horrible as the bay is beautiful! Congrats on seeing some sunshine! Maybe it's an omen!

    Love your attitude!You are amazing!

  4. Yay for tender mercies! Heavenly Father must have known that you needed some sunshine :) Glad things are looking up for you!