just sayin...

simple pleasures are what the good life is made of. i got a bed two days ago. i wake up in the morning literally giddy that i'm not on the floor and i can see out the window. when i realize i'm in san francisco i sigh dramatically and smile.

on saturday i met ellen at dolores park and we went to the party on block 18 street fair. a band consisting of a ukulele, a trombone and a kazoo played quirky music and the road was bursting with life. for lunch i had watermelon with chile, mint and feta cheese. neat!

i saw ashton kutcher at lunch at the ferry building on wednesday. seriously, what a thrill!

for family home evening, i went to santa cruz and met my cousin and his family at the beach boardwalk. it was absolutely splendid. vintage rides lit up with big colorful bulbs, one dollar hot dogs and roasted corn, swinging over the sea and sand, cotton candy and chocolate dipped ice cream cones. loved it.

today i drove down lombard street on the way home, just for kicks and giggles. me and my car will appear in dozens of tourists' photo albums within the next couple of months.

i slept in a tent in the presidio on friday night. excellent, cold, windy adventure. fire and camp songs, woods, ocean views from the campsite, hot chocolate and grilled pizzas. delight.

in the a.m. we did yoga on baker beach. perfect beyond perfect. the backdrop was the waves, sail boats, and gleaming gg bridge. the sand was deliciously warm under the morning sun.

this morning i had two interviews. in trying to look professional, i realized my fingernails were painted bright yellow. polish remover - i have none. so i did a double coat of yellow so at least it's not chipping. who doesn't want to hire someone with very yellow fingernails??

the interviews went well. not sure if either is the job for me, but it was good practice and i feel empowered. 2 interesting things to note: 1-all i'll say is, the only time i've said a legit bad word was in a job interview and 2-the head honcho of the hedge fund i went to today happens to be a disillusioned mormon. small world!

i love when i have some random free time in between babysitting or job-search-related meetings to find a random park bench or sit in a little corner cafe and read.

monday i had a perfect brunch downtown with jane. sunny and yummy with one so, so dear. we walked to the restaurant and back talking like you can only with your best best friend as the world of san francisco passed by on either side. our last outing while she's still single!

i got a fastrack (a little machine you stick on your windshield to pay the toll as you cross the bridge so you don't have to have cash with you) the other day. as i drove across the bay bridge back into the city i went in the fastrack only lane and it made a little beep and the sign flashed go and i felt like such a local! random little thing that made me happy.

and that view as one drives across the bay bridge! i think for me it will never, ever get old! i always scramble to make sure i have a good, up-beat song on when the vista shows up at the curve of the bridge.

on thursday i popped in kara's cupcakes to get some treats to bring to book club. a dozen mini cupcakes, please. they were so, so cute. and well-enjoyed by me and six friends (four new, two old) as we discussed a book i haven't started yet (oops), dating websites, the best restaurants in san francisco, and the like.

just sayin'. life is good.


  1. Charity you are amazing! Funny bad word story. I loved it!

  2. Charity you are amazing! Funny bad word story. I loved it!

  3. charity you are amazing. funny bad word story. i loved it!

  4. You forgot to mention your nail polish in our text convo today...I'm excited for lunch tomorrow!

  5. Charity you are amazing! Funny bad word story. I loved it!