3 August 2010

californiaaaaaa, here we cooooome

the long, lethargic, glittering days at bear lake are over. this morning i said goodbye to the last of my siblings to leave with tears on the lips of my eyes and realized this crazy era of family pandemonium, beach-bumming and sunshine has really ended. we had such a satisfying and full month together and everyone is excited to get back to their homes and lives, but it is still a bit sad to say goodbye. i adore my family with an exquisite, unique love.

now, for me, a new life is ahead. i am in the peculiar town of reno, nevada. my wonderful, wonderful sister-in-law anita is driving out to san fran with me, and i am so grateful i get to embark on this journey with her. we drove for eight hours today though what really seemed like the most continuously barren landscape in the world and are excited to hit lush california in the morning.

you know how when you approach a big transition in life, you try to imagine or picture the future and what it will be like? i have been doing just that, but seriously the picture is totally blank. i don't know what to expect, and it's a little bit scary, i admit. nonetheless, my heart is pumping blood through my veins that is strewn with fond anticipation and a tickling thrill for the mysterious future. i know it will be hard, and i love hard things. so i am going to practice my gumption and take this leap of faith with triumph. why not?


  1. FUN post! Glad you had time to do this this morning. Good luck! Our prayers are with you...and Anita.

  2. gumption! you are beautiful charity eyre. i am excited for your new adventure.

  3. Love you, Char! I can't wait to hear all about your new adventures. Keep up the posts!

  4. The feeling in your gut is what life is made of.

    Thoughts and prayers are with you friend!

  5. well...not ALL of what mark twain said i hope. it has been great to read about what you are up to. connections and networking isn;t everything. i'll just bet that you will find the perfect job.


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