open your golden gates

i am in love with my life. which frankly seems a little weird considering that i have thrown myself into a really foreign place and a very unknown future. but it makes me feel so empowered to feel happy living this dream, on my own.

i somehow feel triumphant in my loneliness and independence. knowing my personality thrives off the affirmation of friends and social interaction, i just find it invigorating and exciting that my heart is so glad traversing the city on my lonesome.

yes, i'm hankering to have a job and working hard on the search, but i have to admit it has been really nice to be able to explore a bit without a schedule in the glorious weather heaven has blessed this city with the past week.

i am happy! i am a bit surprised to be so happy! i am so happy to be happy.

last night i noticed the sun blazing up in the west driving home, so i decided to take the long way home and stop at the cliffs above baker beach to watch the sunset. i sat there and let the salty air play with my hair as the sky evolved, night approached, and the iconic bridge lit up to sparkling. (these pictures don't do the fantastic, fantastic scene justice but will have to suffice, and yes, the last one is a self-timer - one of the joys of solo sightseeing!)

i have been babysitting a little, and having a tiny bit of income while job hunting has been a great blessing. it's great to get paid to play with cute kids! i took these two little darlings to the crissy field beach today. it was so splendid with that red bridge and all the wind surfers, and the kiddos were a little amused by how i whooped and hollered at the glorious sight. it turned out to be way too windy to really be fun for more than a half an hour, but still! i loved it.

indeed, every time i see the golden gate bridge i can't help but think that it is smiling at me.


  1. chasteristic,
    great blog. that first picture reminds me of where the Olsen twins made their debut on Full House.
    hope you can come visit again soon... this place is off the hook gorgeous in august and september...

  2. you are delighted...and that is good.

  3. I just love your enthusiasm and passion for life! We should all be that way!!

  4. man oh man,
    or woman or woman,
    you are cook!
    You are one of the few that sees and accepts the joys of the present moment which are always there.
    Is that your house on the top picture, if not, post some of it will you.....showing the view beyond.

  5. Charity! So I don't know if I've ever told you this, but sometimes I read your blog :) I found the link to it on Lisa's. Anyway, you are so adorable and I love reading about your life! You're always having so many great adventures! I hope you are loving San Fran. I just found out you met my friend Brittney Horman out there. She's great! You should be friends. Um, I love you and I hope I see you again soon.