first visitor

there is something really fun about showing off a place you love to a friend you love. over labor day weekend, dear amy became my first visitor to sf - first of many, many to come i hope!

highlights -
we explored the haight,
and were enchanted by the marina in the evening fog.
then, we squealed over enormously delicious ice cream from bi-rite
after an exquisitely tasty dinner at burma superstar
with my new and dear friends katie and lizzy.
we biked across the golden gate bridge!
it was so foggy which made it super magical.
i was literally yelling with delight and pumping my fist at bikers passing on our left.
my wonderful new friend stephanie was our tour guide - in 2009 she biked the bridge every single month! how rad it that - and also how cool is it that we were twinners in our green jackets?
we loooooved our afternoon in devastatingly charming sausalito,
which included ginormous hamburgers and great ice cream.
and we took the ferry back to sf. glorious beyond glorious.

we biked through downtown to union square a did a little shopping.

we spend a sunny sunday morning in golden gate park,
enjoyed clear views from twin peaks after church,
blissfully watched the sunset at baker beach,
and reveled in the magic of watching the ggb light up
as the stars came out and the waves crashed.
labor day started off pretty awesome with 18 mini sweedish pancakes
and a trip to ghiradelli square!

we discovered this graffiti alley in the mission (so cool!) -
of course amy fish had to have a picture with the fish!
we had dinner at the very well-reviewed pizzeria delfina
with some girls from the ward and our dear friend missy
(missy and i went to high school together, and she and her hubby just moved to san fran!-
i am so excited they are here!)

what a great weekend - even the food smiled!


  1. ah! what a great post... that pizza was excellent - great idea.

  2. FUN! I want to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge someday - that looks amazing!

  3. Che Che, you do get the MOST amazing pictures!

  4. Okay, the smiling food was a little much.
    JK. So fun to spend time with you and Amy! I can't wait for our many adventures to come...

  5. PS - I thought the pizza was excellent, too.

  6. Wow! What a weekend! If Stephanie's jacket is green, I'm surely color blind! Do you think you could have any more fun?

    How's McKay?

  7. We probably passed each other on the bridge. We took the kids and biked from legions of honor to baker beach on the bridge and past crissy fields. You have to come to dinner one of these weekends!