reading books

ever since i moved, i have for some reason realized a renewed hunger for reading. as it turns out, my thirst for well-crafted words and excellent storytelling has become insatiable. i have been late on several occasions because i've gotten lost in my book - transported to another world by the words and time has escaped me.

isn't that fantastic? ah, the joy of a good book.

here's what i've been thoroughly enjoying: (interesting that most of these feature a young heroine who adores reading...)

i completely, utterly, unequivocally loved this book. devastatingly beautiful. the characters won my heart and the lush, sensory writing captured my mind. probably became one of my top 5 favorites. i finished it in a starbuck's on market street in downtown sf with my cup of peppermint steamed milk. fat tears were rolling down my face and i got a few looks of concern from the people around me.

although this one was really hard to put down, i tried to avoid reading it before bed because it tended to invite vivid and scary dreams. it is a truly remarkable story and opened my mind and my heart at the seams. this woman has the most incredible faith and her example of forgiveness overwhelmed me.

i can't believe i've never read this book before. i remember loving the movie, but realized when i saw it on my roommate's shelf that i've never actually read the story on pages. so simply thought-provoking and moving. unassuming. i loved it. scout is a gem, but my favourite character is atticus, who in this book is the embodiment to me of unpretentious righteousness. i felt so much triumph and its opposite reading this book. loved it.

i was really looking forward to this read - loved the first two books. honestly, i was a bit disappointed by this conclusion to the hunger games trilogy - the pace was awkward and it seemed like the author was in a hurry to write it. however, i am so happy that katniss ended up with the boy i've loved since book one, and there were some times during my 3-day read that i could not put this one down. i like that the hunger games books have some interesting societal commentary.

this one was given to me by one of my contacts in the job search. i've only read the beginning but it is really interesting. this guy makes a good case for how things should change within philanthropy. i think he is pretty rad, and i hope this book will help me as i delve into the world of social entrepreneurship, non-profits, foundations, etc.

and this is what i am reading now. love it already. i really like francie - she reminds me of leisel from the book thief and scout of to kill a mockingbird. my favourite part so far is when she sees a dirty old man and thinks about him as a clean, pink baby dotted over by his parents. today as i interacted with all kind of people in the city i tried to think about their lives and relationships, where they've come from, where they dream of going. so often we interact with people without really realizing that they have a life. i adore that francie points that out.

books are good for the soul. any suggestions for something good to delve into once i've devoured a tree grows in brooklyn?


  1. Such great selections. Seriously!

    I need you on Heard of it? It's Facebook for book geeks.

  2. I'm so glad you posted this. Now I have some good books to go check out. I agree with you 100% on your evaluation of the Hunger Games. I didn't hate the last book, but I was left wanting more. But again, I was ecstatic that Katniss ended up with a certain boy! But I wish their relationship was developed a little mare.

  3. I LOVED A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. If you haven't already, you need to visit the Tenament Museum in NYC to see with you own eyes the kind of life Francie lived. She also reminded me of Scout. Great book picks.

  4. Nice post! I LOVED The Book Thief too! Guess I'd better get busy on the others! What a writer YOU are!