weekend at home

jane got married! she and i have been best friends since forever, so we've both been dreaming of this day since we were little girls. it was perfect. isn't she a stunning bride?
the sealing in the salt lake temple was so beautiful - transcendent, celestial. as close to heaven as earth can get. i am so so so so happy that jane found her blake - they are so right for each other.

the reception was a grand party. it was so fun to celebrate with jane and to see many dear friends that i have hardly seen since high school!
i got to go to the ascent alliance annual international gala with mom and dad (who were stellar emcees). i brought dani as my guest - after four months we were reunited and it felt so so good!
on saturday we went to india fest at the hare krishna temple in spanish fork. it felt great to be back in utah county, to see good friends, to reflect on all that's happened since i went to india fest last year (including going to india) and to enjoy the beauty of "golden hour" and gorgeous landscape.
i hosted a party at my parents' house and invited all my friends in utah. it was fantastic to see everyone. we had sparklers and s'mores around the fire, homemade salsa, good tunes, and lots of catching up.
on sunday we took dani's truck up provo canyon and cruised along the alpine loop. there are no words to describe how devastatingly beautiful it was. we ended up at cascade springs. i wanted to burst out of my skin with love for the earth, my friends and being alive. autumn in the utah mountains is awe-some.
i'd say it was a good trip home. yeah.

most photos courtesy of dani shurtleff and her awesome new camera;
collages courtesy of me and i think they are pretty cool. right?


  1. Ah, I wish I could have seen you! I'm sorry I wasn't there. Lisa and I are planning another trip through the Alpine loop in the back of Michael's truck. I'm excited!

  2. I'm so happy for these pictures because I got basically NONE! No grass grows under you feet! Love it.

  3. The collages are AWESROMEE. Great blog post as usual.
    See you soon!

  4. pretty pretty pretty and fun! i went on the lift at sundance yesterday and it took my breath away. you would have died.

  5. You ARE dripping with passion and you are incredibly photogenic. Every, every picture of you is breath taking.

  6. lovely lovely pictures...how do you do the collages I wonder?