it was like a pretty little miracle - rupsha and amethyst happened to be in san francisco the same weekend. i haven't seen these girls since i left wellesley in a flurry of schoolwork, emotion and change three years ago. it was heavenly to be together again.

allow me to brag about how cool my friends are for one sec - rupsha just got back from teaching english in korea, after interning in mircro-finance in india, and now she's working at a restaurant and with clinton health in boston. amethyst took a year leave from her master's in art history program at ut-austin to study mural art in chile as a fulbright scholar. and of course there's josephine who i adore having close by(just across the bay), who has been involved in so many cool projects since graduation it makes my head hurt and will soon be the best elementary school teacher ever.

we had such fun reminiscing and laughing and catching up. we sat at the bar at pizzeria delfina and danced and sang to the 90s music that came on. we thoroughly enjoyed bi-rite ice cream. we drove around the city in my car blasting music and grooving. we slept over at jo's house and talked and talked. it was like no time had passed - yet so much has happened!

it felt so good to be with these friends again. a tiny miracle.

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  1. This is really cool! What amazing friends! So glad you connected!