visitors galore

i have so loved having dear ones visit me in san francisco!! in the midst of wonderful weekend-long visitors, i had two shorter visits from my fantastic high school friend mallory and my rad sister-in-law aja.

mal and i have been pals since 7th grade (actually i think we met at girl's camp the summer before 7th grade!) and the last two years of high school had a sleepover together every friday night (shout out to erin anderson, who was in sleepover club too). sheesh we had some good times, watching stupid movies and pigging out. every friday, without fail, in the wee hours my dad would come downstairs in a haze and ask me to ask mallory to talk quieter. mal and i share a natural tendency to talk loud, a love for celebrity gossip, and a million memories.

she was in town for the ucla/cal game (her hubby is a huge bruins fan) and came into the city to spend an evening with me. we explored union square (and made an h&m stop, obviously), walked through chinatown, and had a great meal at a pizza place in north beach.

on the way back to the bart station, we watched the fleet week fireworks explode over the bay bridge. it was really magical!! the entire 5 hours we were together we were talking so fast (and so loud, i'm sure) and it was so, so fun to catch up.

this link showcases how awesome mallory is. woah i love that girl.

aja (along with the baby in her tummy) came through san fran for a day en route to seattle from orange county. we had a yummy lunch topped off by bi-rite ice cream, i showed her my favourite spot in the city overlooking the ggb and then we drove across the bridge to sausalito. we sat by the harbor with our feet in the ocean (it was soooo hot!) and admired the view of the city across the bay and then discovered some uber-cool houseboats. kitschy, like aja.

we stopped at in-n-out burger (seriously, i can't get over how divine that burger is) on our way to my cousins ben and ashley's (love them and am so glad they are close by) in fremont.

have i said that i love showing this place i love to people i love? yep. and i'll say it again! come visit! it is so great here, and i am becoming a seasoned tour guide.


  1. seriously you are the best host ever. if I didn't already live here, I would ask to stay with you.

  2. great pic of you and mal in north beach! you are a generous hostess and a great tourguide. i'd come and visit you in a heartbeat if we didn't live in the same city. sitting in taipei airport-we've been super adventurous'd be proud of me:)

  3. ok ill come. not hard to talk me into it.

  4. It's soon going to be our turn! Sure looks fun!!!

  5. I can't believe you didn't mention your favorite beach.

    Great posts as usual, Cheeto.
    Can't wait to visit again!!!