my roommate emily (this girl is the epitome of cool) had some friends from australia staying at our house this week. this recently married couple has been traveling around the world for the past 14 months, and california is their last stop. they have been to 28 countries! they are so great and i got so excited talking to them about their adventures. it made me add a qualification to my husband list, which now looks like this -

1. huge earning power
2. huge muscles
3. last name that sounds good with charity
4. willing and excited to take a year+ long trip with me around the world in our first 2 years

(that's not really the list - but #4 is legit)

so, because tonight i feel especially wanderlusty, i decided to choose the 28 countries my future husband and i will visit. starting from california and heading west around the globe (leaving out where i've already been), they are:
tonga - new zealand - australia
vietnam - burma
saudi arabia
south africa
turkey - croatia
austria - czech republic
sweden - norwary - denmark
germany - switzerland
ghana - morocco
brazil - argentina - ecuador
costa rica - guatemala

i think it's do-able! the world is great. i want to see the whole of it.


  1. dear charity. the 4 guys i have been thinking about lining you up with are now out of the running. i have some mad sewing skills.

  2. Jonah wrote that last comment, btw. I totally only line you up with guys that would support mucho travelling.

  3. Glad to see Portugal is on the list ! Good choices:)

  4. char.the thing that sucks about life is that you have to have money to do this. So, you probably should be looking for the son of a ceo of a fortune 500 company with a trust fund. I will look out for them around here and keep you posted.

  5. Tonga really is beautiful. You would love it there.