who would've thought? ...

...that two little girls who lived on the same street in the foothills of salt lake would end up sleeping in the same room in a house on a hill in san francisco??

indeed, mccaye and i grew up on opposite ends of augusta way and about a month ago serendipitously became roommates here in san fran. i feel so happy and blessed that in this case, life came full circle!

here we are in mccaye's bakery kiosk downtown. she is a baker and budding businesswoman. she also is wicked good at tennis and hoola hooping, so much fun to be around, gives great advice, and i swear i find out about hidden talents she has everyday. totes one of the coolest girls ever.

with jane living in the city too, that makes three of us from the same home ward now together in san francisco. in a new place it is such a huge blessing to have friends around that i have real history with. we learned primary songs together, had girls' camp adventures together, can reminisce about neighborhood traditions and characters - we know where each other came from and have that sweet, organic kind of friendship that you only find with childhood pals.

last week we went to the oakland temple together and it was divine. we couldn't help but comment that those young women's leaders in the good old mp17th ward would be proud! there was something so awesome about being in the temple with these two - and it seems like we were little girls just yesterday!

tonight jane and blake hosted us, along with mccaye's brother phil, and a few other friends for sunday dinner. it was lovely, familiar, and felt just like home. here's to the cherished friends and all the memories in the 84108!


  1. Totes? I thought you lived in SF not the OC?

  2. i am glad you are having so much fun. keep up the good work. what does one do with a round bakery kiosk thing?

  3. i want to know how mccaye pronounces her name.

  4. love this post and you girlstar!

    such a great week with you. thanks for babysitting me.

    love ya.

  5. what's one thing you have that "they" don't...


  6. Hey gorgeous! It looks like you are having fun! I will indeed be around for Thanksgiving, probably with Joe and Aja so it will be exciting to get to see you! Love you!

  7. So fun! How lucky to live near such great & old friends.

  8. Your blog is a delight to read! I am an art history major taking my first contemporary art class and your comments have helped me to see the importance of these pieces because they force the viewer to have more than a passive experience by asking questions and learning things about themselves in the process!

    Thanks so much for sharing your passion! I feel like you have passed some on to me and that is a real gift. I really hope you keep writing!