i woke up one friday morning, went downstairs to the living room and here's what i found:
eight of my dear friends sleeping on my couches and floor. i felt giddy and swollen with admiration, love and gratitude for good friends. i'm not sure how i lucked out and this happened - on wednesday i heard that some girls might be coming to help our friend jae move to san francisco, and thursday night a slew of 8 showed up. it was so fun! it was so fun to have them.

the weekend was crammed with visitors and also crammed with adventures, beautiful things, chaos trying to caravan around san francisco, and really, really good times. i felt so blessed. good people. pictures by jen and megan.

we cheered on the giants after their big win in game 2 of the world series:
we watched the 8th and 9th innings in an awesome sports bar by the stadium
and then ran through the streets hollering and cheering with all the fans.
showing off the city from alamo square - i'll never tire of that view!
hanging out at ocean beach and then golden gate park
at the berkeley halloween party - look at those cuties. mccaye and i were condiments.
saturday morning at lombard street
lunch in north beach. this photo is totally candid.
can you tell lunch was seriously fun?
after that divine evening in the marin headlands (that i have already blogged about-
see below....) we beheld this stellar view...
and just took a little moonlight stroll in sausalito.
we had one last adventure walking through the streets of the mission
to and from the taqueria and bi-rite - everyone was in costume!

certainly the weekend was epic! early sunday morning i stood in my nighty on the curb and waved goodbye until the cars were out of sight and felt so excruciatingly glad everyone was up for hopping in the car and driving to san fran, and again, so blessed to have these friends.


  1. you always live up to your blog title. you are such a great friend it is possible for you to have and to create great friends and great friendships.

  2. ahhhhhhhhh yeah! im tots in all those pics. MISSSSS YOU.

  3. fun! fun! fun! So much goodness! It's always fun seeing Pure Joy!

  4. I wish I could have spent more time with you ladies that weekend! See you soon I hope!

  5. I LOVE YOU CHARITY! (and I found your blog haha)

  6. Yay! Oh what a good weekend.