driving up the 101

we decided to take the scenic route to seattle...

across the ggb and into the foliagey vineyards near sonoma...
and then we drove through a tree!!

got out for a quick walk through redwood national park...

down a dirt road to this viewpoint...

crossed some state lines...

saw lots of this kind of stuff along the way...

and loved the sunset along the oregon coast.

epic road trip.
good music. excellent podcasts. fantastic conversation.
and lots of junk food.

in this one day in the car, i ate:
one bowl honey bunches of oats - 9 packs of fruit snacks - 3 fruit roll-ups - 2 fruit-by-the-foots - half a bag of pirate booty - bag of teddy grahams - an apple (yeah! totally healthy!) - a bowl of chili and a thick slice of garlic bread at a dive in crescent city, california - 2 diet cokes - 2 vitamin waters - and...a junior whopper.

18.5 hours. good weather, but a bout of pouring rain, which we, of course, loved.

"hey - scenic viewpoint! quick, turn there! go!" "let's just drive around this bay real quick." "feed me some pirate booty." "would you rather kiss george w. bush or micheal jackson?" "look at the ocean!" "let me consult my iphone." "can we have that one song again?" "i wonder what is down that magical looking road." "i'm so glad we got to drive through drain, oregon." "what are you impulsive about?" "my butt is asleep." "oh.my.gosh. this is gorgeous."

best three minutes (out of the 1,110), i think: blasting and singing along to the folk song "window" as the coast whipped by and the sun streamed through the clouds and all the world was aglow.


  1. a beautiful post from a beautiful girl!

  2. hey! i made up that george bush v michael jackson question!

  3. AMAZING! Claire and I are looking at this together and Lucy is playing on my phone. We LOVE these pictures. What a life!

  4. I want to drive through a tree someday.

  5. Another amazing post! Can I pay you because it was so good?