5 November 2010

i had the best day

yesterday i went downtown to the giants' world series victory parade. it was crazy, epic, thrilling, electrifying, insane, incredible, extremely fun and absolutely sensational (pictures to come). kelsey and i strolled down market street with tens of thousands of exuberant fans, the air thick with triumph, merriment and enthusiasm - and marijuana. the city was alive, breathing, cheering.

we ate lunch at a corner sandwich shop. we rode the unine-smelling muni train smashed with fans. i walked home from the stop in the gorgeous, perfect weather (the slanty light of fall but the sunshine and still warmth of summer).

i drove down to the beach for a run as the sun descended and left the sky looking ethereal and almost eerily beautiful. i ran faster than i usually do and loved the ocean air hitting me in the face. i turned around to make my loop, then went to cross the street and looked behind me and the sky was on fire. i gasped. i ran toward the electric pink in the sky.

i screamed as i ran. not really quietly. i sang along to my music. i yelled. it was maybe one of the top 5 best sunsets of my life. i was fit to burst. every bit of me was effervescent - were my feet still making contact with the ground?

i came home to a house full of roommates that i love, drove to the church in a happy memory-remembering haze, enjoyed institute, and stayed up into the wee hours finishing my book which refused to be put down.

it was such a good day. it was such a good day! i love being alive. i love being alive!

'people always think happiness is a faraway thing,' thought francie, 'something complicated and hard to get. yet, what little things can make it up; a place for shelter when it rains - a cup of strong coffee when you're blue; a book to read when you're alone - just to be with someone you love. those things make happiness.'


  1. I am actually honored to be the first to put a comment on this poetic, marvelous post.
    You are the fulfillment and embodiment of 2Ne2:25!
    (and you're my baby)

  2. Charity you are truly amazing. This is so true but we all need reminders...every day reminders would be good! Life is good!

  3. i love it char. how can I catch your passion? please come and spread it around here.....

  4. what book are you reading?Loved your post!!!!

  5. the yelling with the running really does it for me.


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